Warlock Deathrattle Deck

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would like to discuss possible Warlock Deathrattle Decks and combinations with you guys, since it seems to synergise quite well with it.

Here are some interesting cards to use:
- Sylvanas Windrunner
- Bloodmage Thalnos
- Shadowflame
- Hellfire
- Void Terror
- Nerubian Egg
- Baron Rivendare
- Voidcaller
- Faceless Manipulator
- Harvest Golem
- Leper Gnome
- Loot Hoarder
- Cairne Bloodhoof
- Power Overwhelming
- Ancient Watcher
- Sacrificial Pact
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This is currently one of the dream combos: Power Overwhelm Sylvanas, hit opponents face for 9 dmg, then eat her with a Void Terror for a 12/12 while stealing one of the opponent's minions at the same time.
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Too bad that voidcaller aside there are no other deathrattle demons.

If you want to make a deathrattle warlock deck i think the core deathrattle will be :
Sylvanas, Carine, Thalnos, Harvest golems,Voidcaller and Nerubian Eggs.
That is 9 cards in total, it should be enough.I am not sure about Rivendare he might be too heavy for the fast metagame tho getting a double proc on Cairne or Nerubian Egg will be sick.

The lepper gnome and loot horder are not worth when you have such great 1 drops like Flame Imps and Voidwalker.

Obviously Void Terror will be the greatest setup to activate deathrattles because the stats of the killed minion are still relevant.
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It has plenty of potential. Don't forget Undertaker as well. Of course it might not fit in what we'd build, but it's worth considering if you're running lots of Deathrattle.

However, without seeing the rest of the cards for the "Adventure" I'm personally hesitant about theory-crafting with Naxx cards (and there might also be changes to them before release, probably not since they previewed them but it's a possibility to keep in mind).
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I'm thinking of a deck similar to zoo but running leper gnome, undertaker, egg, dancing swords.
Hopefully there are a few more low cost deathrattle cards which have yet to be revealed.
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