Looking for feedback on my control deck

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Equality x2
Holy Light x1
Faerie Dragon x2
Wild Pyromancer x2
Aldor Peacekeeper x2
Big Game Hunter x1
Earthern Ring Farseer x2
Harvest Golem x2
Truesilver Champion x2
Consecration x2
Hammer of Wrath x1
Azure Drake x2
Faceless Manipulator x1
Avenging Wrath x1
Cairne x1
Black Knight x1
Guardian of Kings x2
Lay on Hands x1
Rag x1
Tirion x1

I'm not 100% certain about Black Knight because warrior, freeze mage, and miracle rogue don't run taunt.
I don't have many legendary cards (leeroy and ysera are the only ones I own which aren't included).

Does anyone run sword of justice?
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This control deck is almost identical to the one I run, with a few changes.

I prefer having two senjens for the strong 4 drop to slow down aggro, I'd take out hammer of wrath and 1 harvest golem for those. Harvest golem is good, but I feel like the 3 slot is already taken by your Earthen Ring Farseers.

I run two Avenging wraths personally, and I feel like that's personal preference, but I like it because it allows me to use one for removal paired with equality if need be and still have one for a finisher.

You might want to try and fit in an Alexsandra if you could as well, I find it's really good for those long drawn out control matchups where normally Control Paladin will pull out in the front due to heals but lacks the lethal, I feel like Alexsandra can put your opponent in lethal range. Maybe try testing it instead of Cairne, Black Knight, or one Faerie Dragon?

And also, I use to run Sword of Divine ( I have a gold one and I love it <3), but to be honest recently I've been swapping it in and out, I'm not sure if I like it or not. To be honest I'd rather drop a earthen Farseer or coin into a Senjen turn 3 than set up a weapon with little opportunity for removal.

Just some ideas,
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