Hello, I started playing this game 3 weeks days ago but I was wondering how could I improve my deck, I believe that my deck is a bit similar to Control Paladin as I rely on holding it early then punish them in mid-late. So here is my deck, would really appreciate any suggestion regarding how to improve it :) :

-2x Blessing of the Might [works well in buffing any minion then take out a strong target with a 1/1 squire or any other minions, it kinda varies]

-1x Aldor Peacekeeper [Nice 3/3 monster that kinda disables a strong monster]

-2x Harvest Golems [Have nice stats and can trade well with other monsters specially because of its death rattle]

-2x Agent Protector [When I removed my 2nd hand of protection, I replaced it with this as it does the same job but as a minion which is much better]

-2x Loot hoarder [draw cards and can assist a bit in early game]

-2x Truesilver champion [Really awesome weapon with 4-2, can take out important strategic monsters with it and make favorable trades with it]

-2x Blessing of the kings [can be used early to buff a 1/1 squire if I am facing a hard rushing deck such as the murloc rush deck to take out the war leaders/tide callers, can also be used on the big monsters to make them stronger and make favorable trades with other monsters or simply melt the enemy hp down :)

-1x Equality [Enough said]


-2x Hammer of Wrath [Takes out/assists in taking out an important minnion and lets you draw a card]

-2x Chillwind Yeti [Awesome monster, his stats for the mana cost are good]

-2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta [Great defensive monster which can help you in holding yourself in mid game then you can buff him with the BoK if needed or with a divine shield]

-1x Frostwolf Warlod [I never summon it unless I am getting a 5/5 from it, can help you snowball as all you have to do is spam 1/1 squires]

-2x Silver Hand knight [Strong monster with a 2/2 squire and syngerize with the Champion of Stormwind and Frostwolf Warlod]

-2x Guardian of the kings [Weak monster for its mana cost but heals your hp with nice 6 points, I use it If I need that hp; If I can't hold till mana 9 Alexstraza heal then I can use it to stall or use it after Alexstraza to ensure maximum heal]

-2x Stormwind Champion [Nice monster that buffs your whole team with a not so bad stats for his price]

-1x Alexstraza [Got this card luckily in my 2nd free pack lol, this card is magnificent, can't remember how many times did it save me with that 15 hp or how many times did I single shot a person in on turn with 30 hp RIP PRIESTS WITH THEIR 30 MAX HP, its a 9 mana cost card with 8/8 stats, its a true game changer even if the passive doesn't help that much, you just leave a huge beefy dragon :)]

-1x Sea Giant [If you have summoned a few guys on the board and the enemy has also several monsters then this can be summoned cheaply and GG]

This deck didn't really fail me and did its job pretty well, reached rank 15 but yeah, I would love to know how can I improve this deck to make it even better, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the wall of text.
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