How and why the hero power works

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For starters....I don't see blizzard ever changing a hero power. I'm sure they out ample time and testing into balancing of hero powers to avoid needing to adjust any and all later.

Being able to summon a minion no matter what at turns 2 and on is amazing. How do more people not realize this?

Why does it appear to suck? Cuz the recruit never sticks around for the next turn. Now consider why it doesn't do anything next turn...because it was killed off. Which means your opponent spent some part of his turn taking care of it (i.e. A card, mana, an attack or best case an entire minion).

This is easily why the hero power needs no reworking - it makes your opponent do something they didn't plan on. And isn't it sad how many players are afraid of a 1/1 with no ability?

Now think about other hero powers - do they make your opponent react or is it your opponent using it as a reaction to one of your plays? Most likely your opponent is reacting to you through their hero power. But paladins make the opponent react to their hero power.

Imagine if your recruit does survive! Now you've got an ideal candidate to use one of many of our buffs on, or just clear one of their weaker minions out. Even better, you get to replace that honorable soldier with one of the same stats! And you can just keep doing it over and over only using an increasingly less total amount of your mana pool.

Also, people like to complain about our lack of removal...we can get them to one hp but can't finish em off. But wait! Our hero power summons a minion who does exactly that.

This is a strategy game as all card games are, and those little guys sure do make people readjust their strategy and if they don't then the recruit becomes an integral part of your army.

My knowledge and experience comes from playing ranked with only paladin (shockadin season 1-3 and midrange this season). If anything is confusing or debatable id love to hear you voice your opinion.
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I find it sad that people don't realize the amount of control summoning a 1/1 gives you. It is pretty well known that Paladins have great buffs. Blessing of Kings, Blessing of Might, Hand of Protection, Argent Protector, etc. Plus, there are other ways to buff the minion. So, knowing that, people are less likely to let even a 1/1 recruit hang around, because it COULD be come deadly. That means you have the power of spending two mana in an attempt to control what your opponent does his next turn. I have played a Priest before (I am using this example because I have seen it as one used by the people who complain) and played a turn 2 recruit to their turn 1 or 2 Cleric. Yes I know they can easily remove my recruit and draw a card, but you know what they can't do? Anything else that turn, which means now I get to play a 3 drop against their Cleric. And if they use SW:P to remove that you know what else they get to do on their turn 3? Attack for 1 damage. At best they can coin out another 2 drop. Now it is my turn 4 and Paladins have great turn 4 drops, not to mention guess what minion drops on turn 4 that Priests HATE to see. Yeti. So, I played my first 4 turns knowing full well that my opponent might draw an extra card, SW:P my 3 drop and APPEAR to have board control. But, on my turn 4 I drop a Yeti on to a board that they only have a Cleric on. From that point on I get tons of other 4 attack drops: Abomination, 2 Azure Drakes, Sunwalker/Cairne, etc. Pretty soon it snowballs and the priest struggles to deal with all the 4 attack minions. And, guess what it all started with that turn 2 recruit summon. A recruit literally dictated the way a game played out. Outstanding in my opinion.
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