I need help to play vs druids

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Hi there,

I'm getting my 500 wins on paladin right now. While I was pretty successful with Reynad's midrange deck, I changed to a selfmade control type deck lately.

However, I have HUGE trouble beating druids. One example:
I go second, he wild growth on turn 2.
I have no playable 2-drop, so I hero power (save coin because of wild growth)
He does taz dingo
I do dmg to taz dingo and play harvest golem, he does druid of the claw + innervate hero power to kill my golem.
I'm now left with 4 mana and the coin (only 5 drop in hand is azure drake) vs a 3/2 and 4/6
I aldor the 4/6 instead of azure drake because azure is a free kill...
He goes keeper + hero power on my aldor and hits face
I coin out sunwalker and pray to the gods he doesnt have black knight or a second keeper
He trades his keeper for the shield and does thalnos swipe.

Since he is now at 9 mana and has hit my face all the time, I'm afraid to die to the combo with 3 minions on the board, so I use concecrate, even though I think that is a bad play. He simply continues spamming dotc, aol and eventually sylvanas. No way for me to come back from this without a boardclear or at least a silence. Since he will draw the combo pretty soon if he doesn't have it already, I ragequit and come here to seek for advice.

Please. What am I doing wrong? What are the correct answers to this? I have died so many times to this combo, even from 24 life (innervate double roar), because I couldn't get rid of one 1/x minion on the board. What am I supposed to do? Help!

Thx in advance.

p.s.: Current deck:
2 x Humility
2 x Equality
2 x Holy Light
1x Ooze
1x Owl
2x Pyro
2x Aldor
1x BGH
2x Golem
2x Truesilver
2x Concecration
1x Taz Dingo
2x Azure Drake
2x Kodo
2x Sunwalker
2x Guardian
1x LoH
1x Rag
1x Tirion

(The deck is build with miracle rogues and zoo in mind)
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I humbly suggest you try the Paladin forums.

But here is one thought. I see a LOT of zoo going down the ladder to about level 7-8, then all the locks seem to taper off and become handlocks. On the other hand, rogues tend to be tempo down to ranked 5, then they start switching over to Miracle (Miracle Rogues at level 15 are a lost cause).

So a deck that is designed for Miracle AND Zoo may miss the mark depending on where you are on the ladder at any given moment.

Good luck, but I hope you never find the solution to Druids.
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Makeelee, please be nice, he's more than welcome to come to our forums, let's make him feel that way!!

@TiH, hello, I have played a few games over the last few days versus "your" paladin deck, and I find it quite easy to beat.

Basically, the paladin deck you are playing is mid-range, and I think to beat druid you either need to go full rush or full control.

Druids will have better card draw than you if you allow them to put a tree out on turn 7, and if they can ramp early then they can keep putting down taunt after taunt which you are hard pressed to handle.

Plus all ramp druids play The Black Knight and silences, which can easily handle your Sunwalker or Tirion.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I feel that you either need to go full rush paladin with Divine Favour, Harvest Golem, Crusaders, Knife Jugglers, and all that - or you need to go more late game control with some tech cards like TBK, Faceless Manip and so forth.

In any case, I recommend the following card swaps for some immediate benefit
-1 Kodo
-1 Holy Light
+1 The Black Knight.
+1 Faceless Manip

You already know about prudent use of your combos, just remember to use them wisely.

For me as druid, the biggest PITA is when the paladin has a harvest golem on board and draws the 4-attack sword. That 6 damage can kill my druid of the claw when I play it. So perhaps you want to work in 2 harvest golems. I will struggle to remove it before turn 5, or I will waste a Wrath on it and do nothing else that turn.

Have fun!
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Your scenario involves you essentially doing nothing for 4 turns against a successful Wild Growth into Innervate. You don't need help in that scenario, that's just one of the games you'll always lose without using an Equality combo. You won't win every matchup, so just write it off unless it's happening so incredibly often as to be a concern.
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