Rate and help refine my Paladin Deck!

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Hi guys, I want to try to make Paladin as viable as possible in low rank without needing to use rushface variants.


I'd love some feedback

My reasoning for the choices:

I want to utilize the leeroy buff combo finisher. It works well enough in Paladin, as it does in Warlock.
If you get to end game, you can:
Blessing of Might+Leeroy+Manipulator for 18 damage. If you had a weapon out, that's 22 damage.
Without some of those pieces, you can :
Leeroy+Avenging Wrath for 14 damage, again, weapon makes it 18.
Or BGH to remove the giant taunt, Leeroy+Blessing of Mightx2+ weapon for 16 damage.

The point is to enable the combo in as many ways as possible for at around 14-15 damage, putting it on par with Druid's combo.

The Blessing of Mights are there for combo pieces
The Equality is a no brainer
The Holy Light to help you get to late game
The Aldors are a no brainer
The 1 Divine Favor allows you to dig, but I suspect it'll be absolutely useless in this type of deck and I'm open to replacement suggestions
The single Sword of Justice is great for getting tempo and forcing answers from opponents that they can't use for your bigger stuff.
Consecrate is a no brainer
Truesilver is no brainer.
Guardian of Kings is late-game staying power.
Lay on Hands lets you dig and stay alive
Tirion can hopefully be used right before your final charge finisher. Either they used their turn removing it and not putting up taunts, or it's silenced and you can use it as extra damage, or it gives you the weapon for extra damage on the final turn.

Faerie Dragon combos with Sword of Justice, open to changes. I suppose Pyromancer is a better option.
Lorewalker Cho. Ok, I think this card needs to see some real use in games. Since it's only a 2 drop, you can equality consecrate/pyro, then drop him since the opponent will not have minions to remove it. It can make turns very difficult, and be a huge tempo swing.
Big Game Hunter for the big game stuff
Earthen Rings to heal against rush decks
Defender of Argus against rush decks
Leeroy is the finisher
Faceless is a combo piece, but having two allows you to use one if you need to for whatever reason, like a rag or an ancient of war or something. Faceless on Tirion if it's not removed is of course fantastic.

Any suggestions, critiques, changes you'd make? Any experience with this type of deck you'd love to pass along?

Thanks, guys.
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Honestly I don't think you really get too big an advantage from SoJ. You lose tempo 1 turn in order to get it the next... maybe.

If you're worried about decks like Zoo for instance that extra 1 health isn't going to save you. They buff their minions too easily plus they have mortal coil to pick off that last point of damage.

Divine Favor can either be great or just sit in your hand the whole game growing fungus on it. I find it works best is super aggressive pally decks where you flood the board almost every turn and have a near empty hand almost always. If it draws you 2 cards it was worth it (same as arcane intellect), but it doesn't always draw you 2. More often it draws you none because you can't play it.

I would think about ditching both of those and adding two hammer of wraths.

Doesn't exactly synergize with your Cho, but he should be dead by then and it would solve some of your card draw needs plus give you an extra 6 direct damage.
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