Aggro or Control in High Brackets?

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In both mid and high tier gameplay, which would you say is more effective against most other decks, Control or Aggro? Also, why?

I'm pretty new to the game, so I've been doing a lot of research on classes before I invest too much time delving into suboptimal facets of the game.

Upon visiting a popular theorycrafting website, I was informed that generally Paladins are somewhat under-represented in every tier and are considered to be the weakest class (somewhere around the bottom with priests). Overall, I was told that they are easy to counter.

I was then informed that the most competitive, would probably be Miracle Rogue? Apparently that deck doesn't generally have very bad match-ups (unlike paladins) and is really consistent. Freeze Mage is apparently pretty good too, unless against a control warrior. Then you should concede? Handlock is viable as well as token/ramp up druids.

But Paladins are not?

How long do you think Paladins will remain in this state? I just started playing so I haven't made any real commitments. Nevertheless, I don't want to switch focus to another class based on FOTM knee jerk reactions.

Which Paladin deck right now would you say is a solid decision to be overall competitive?

I mainly chose Paladin because I like the archetype and that was my main in WoW since Vanilla.

Below you will find the site where I found some of the decks I should apparently be working towards:
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I really wouldn’t invest in a class right now. Blizzard is shortly to release Curse of Naxxramas (Hearthstones first expansion).

Paladins have a myriad of problems. One of which is they don’t curve out well as a large majority of their abilities are all four mana. There also isn’t any real glowing hope on the horizen as the CoN card preview looks to be a mildly promising secret.

Their issue is their lack of spot removal. Holy Wrath is a steaming pile of garbage. Hammer of Wrath is three damage with a card draw. Not bad numbers and draw is always great but not on turn four. Chillwind Yeti for example is a 4/5 and a rather popular choice, Sen’jin Shieldmaster is also popular and is a 3/5 Taunt. Truesilver Champion is a great card but is also four mana and only four damage.

Paladins are heavily AoE dependent. However Consecration, Pyromancer, and Avenging Wrath are most effective in a two card combination with Equality.

Freeze Mage is rather gimmicky in my mind and after the nerfs made back in beta is beatable. I’ve beat it frequently with my Hunter and Shaman both of which are not great match ups. My Paladin with a moderate amount of life gain can annihilate Freeze Mage.

Miracle has cycled in and out of standard meta and is a strong choice. However in the past people have “figured it out” or come up with ways to counter it. When that happens it tends to fall out of standard rather quickly.

If you want to roll the dice and invest I’ve got two suggestions.

Warlock is probably the best choice their Hero Power is extremely potent and unlikely to be adversely affected by the upcoming expansion, and their class specific CoN card looks rather promising.

Shaman lends itself well to both Aggro and Control and is a highly versatile class. It also has never dropped into the bottom half of the classes as almost every other class has.
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The paladin class excels at two things: buffing your own creatures and selfhealing. Naturally this comes at a cost. In this case, low burn and weak early game removals.

1) When Naxx hits paladin might have the best aggro, because of the new secret.
2) Healadin builds have been very weak, because the meta revolves around huge burst combos executed in one turn, where the inbuild sustain doesn't help. Freeze mage counters these one turn burst combos, so it's on the raise. Healadin however has a favourable matchup against all decks that rely on Alexstraza like freeze mage or control warrior, so it might get played more often.

3) I have no idea and am very curious if midrange decks build around the deathrattle theme and redemption/avenge will be playable when naxx hits. We'll see.

[edit] To answer your original question. Aggro is probably stronger right now.
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