While Noble Sacrifice is already good, I feel like there's something wrong with not being able to play noble sac and redemption together unless you want your redemption wasted on a minion that has no special value in reviving like a divine shield or deathrattle minion. These traps do not synergize together. Not that they have to, but they are actually detrimental most of the time to have them both out. Rarely do I care or even want to revive a 2-1 minion.

I only play both of these trap cards when I am banking on the opponent killing off the minion I want revived with a spell card before attacking me. (Which is a rare situation anyways.)

What if Noble Sacrifice upon being revived or surviving the initial trigger (via sword of justice) it were to spawn on the field as a taunt minion? It makes sense. The minion is a "Noble Defender" who acts like a taunt minion when the trap card is activated. Why wouldn't he be a taunt minion?

Ways to get Noble Defender on the field.

Redemption (1 mana). Upon being attacked, noble sac triggers, absorbed X amount of damage, dies, and is revived by redemption as a 2-1 taunt minion.

Costs: 2 mana and 2 cards total.

Gains: One time negation of X damage, 2 damage dealt to attacker and a 2-1 taunt minion. Now the opponent must waste yet another attack to get through to the paladin.

Sword of Justice (3 mana) Upon attack, Noble sac triggers proccing sword of justice, making noble defender a 3-2 mob. Noble Defender stakes 1 damage max. Noble defender stays on the field as a 3-1 taunt minion.

Costs: 4mana and 2 cards. (1 durability of Sword of justice)

Gains: Negation of 1 damage, 3 damage dealt to attacker and a 3-1 taunt minion.

Sword of Justice + Redemption (4 mana) Best of both options.

Costs: 5 mana 3 cards (2 durablity on sword)

Gains: One time negation of X damage, 3 damage to attacker, spawns a 3-2 taunt minion.

Bad Idea? Good Idea? Novel Idea? Too OP?

The Noble Defender is always sacrificing himself for us. How about we show him some love?