Hi guys, Oni here. This is a walkthrough of a draft that I'd recommend for anyone who is still working on their arena skills, but newer players should absolutely read the article and watch the video.

Here is the page with the video and written walkthrough. Allow me to say, this is only the draft and not any gameplay:


I did a brief write-up to accompany the draft discussing each pick, and a section at the end defining some fundamentals that I discuss, namely the vanilla test and the curve.

A little about me. I am by no means a professional player, and generally refuse to netdeck. What this means is that I create brews that aren't strong enough to consistently beat the professional brews, and so I tank out around rank 4. I do, however, play a lot of arena, where my brewing ways help out. I'm also a steady card-gamer, having played Magic for over 10 years.

If you are discontent with any of my picks, feel free to contest them here, sans flames. I hope you guys like this! It's my first time using Fraps and Movie Maker, but I saw some demand for just drafts and thought I'd lend a hand to newer players. Plus, I finally convinced my girlfriend to play and she's enjoying it, now I just have to get her legend and stream her and we'll be rich. This will help.

TL;DR This is a video and writeup on just the draft portion of an Arena run. I'm not professional, but I've played a lot. The link is above. Enjoy!