Any tips for warlock?

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Since warlock has always been my neglected class (never played as it) I was wondering what kinds of decks/card combinations more experienced players have found effective?

Whats good is basically what I'm getting at here.
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putting only cards with 3 or less mana into your deck is very effective if you have the right cards
should not be to hard to identify the value cards you need for that deck
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google "zoo lock". Copy the deck.
The greatest challenge of that deck is to try and not fal asleep while playing.
Also do not accept any friend requests when you play the deck because they will only flame you and wish you to get cancer.
If ur okay with those things, then play zoo.

Otherwise netdeck handlock. Much more fun and respected deck to play.
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I found this deck to be much more fun to play than zoo (which is boring)

Good against zoo and other rush decks (with the right starting hand).

Edit: Started using this deck without leeroy or thalanos. I added a second arcane golem and a geomancer in their place until I could craft the legendaries.
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Life tap, play your hand, win game.
-How to play Warlock 2014
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There are a few ways to go with warlock but there are two decks which stand out.

Zoolock is an extremely popular budget deck based around cheap, efficient minions and maintaining board control. It has weaknesses that make it falter a bit at higher ranks but it's a great deck for grinding or ranking up.

Most zoo builds need no epic or legendary cards, which makes the deck relatively cheap. There's also very little you can't replace with similar cards. Here's a decklist to start with:

Handlock is a slower deck built around using the warlock power to have as many cards in hand as possible. It then uses Mountain and Molten Giants, Twilight Drakes, and ways to give those beefy creatures taunt.

It's not cheap- you need 4 giants and most builds run a few legends. Here's an example:
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Well there's this deck called Zoo.

Look it up.

I heard some people have had success with it.

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