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Okay now that I have your attention, i would like to show you a very good Zoolock (Murlock) deck to try and see how you like it.

It consists of mainly Murlocs and is made to end the game before round 6 to 8.

Hero: Warlock

2x Power Overwhelming
2x Grimscale Oracle
2x Murloc Raider
1x Murloc Tidecaller
2x Bluegill Warrior
1x Dire Wolf Alpha
2x Knife Juggler
1x Mad Bomber
2x Murloc Tidehunter
2x Novice Engineer
2x Shadow Bolt
1x Coldlight Oracle
2x Raid Leader
2x Razorfen Hunter
1x Shattered Sun Cleric
2x Hellfire
2x Dragonling Mechanic
1x Abomination

Please keep in mind I don't have all the cards I want for this deck yet. Still working on some Murlocs like the Old Murk Eye legendary card. i will make an update once I make changes.

I made a video showing the strategy behind using this deck if you would like to know how I use it.

Up the Deck on Hearthpwn as well!

You can also see it in action LIVE on

Have fun and let me know what you think!
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07/03/2014 04:17 PMPosted by BKDella
Zoolock (Murlock) deck
Ok first thing, zoo and murloc are not the same thing

also YOU NEED OLD MURK EYE really... you need it
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Murlocs have low health so what is the point of mad bomber? it might kill your own minions.
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Dont need hellfire either. You're %*%@*@%%*! your own minions.

Here is my murlock deck which focuses on face damage rather than board control

2x soulfire
2x power overwhelming
1x flame imp
2x grimscale oracle
2x leaper gnome
2x murloc raider
2x murloc tide caller
2x void walker
2x bluegill warrior
2x ironbeak owl
2x murloc tidehunter
2x coldlight seer
2x murloc warleader
1x raid leader
1x wolf rider
1x leeroy
1x murkeye
1x doomguard

The whole point is to overwhelm the opponent by turn 4 assuming he can't keep up with the damage output. I've had my opponents have perfect starts clearing the board with Auchai + COH and still lose.

The deck is very tenacious and aggressive with great finishers like leeroy or doomguard.
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I don't really understand why you chose to run something counter intuitive such as one bomber, double hellfire,, novice engineers.

If you're going for murlocks may as well add another cold light, to replace double novice for the card draw. I would also run 2x shattered, and maybe replace one shadow bolt for a soul fire (or both).

You also need 2x cold light seers and 2x murlock war leaders to improve your longevity and burst.

Overall I'd rate this deck a 3.5/10. Probably caps out around rank 20
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If you don't have all the cards you need for a deck but insist on recommending it to people, include the completed version.
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Thanks for the suggestions as I have updated the deck now using your suggestions and Old Murk Eye. Still going to fix it a bit more before I release an edited deck update.
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