Shadowflame in Zoo

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I'm experimenting with it at the moment. Still trying to work out if it's worth running.

It's nice to have when things go wrong and actually being able to kill a stealthed auctioneer is always nice.
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It's not a bad tech card actually, especially when combined with an Abusive Sergeant/Dark Iron Dwarf to hit face than clear the board with the buffed minion. The problem is that it's a desperation card, and it's not powerful enough to actually turn the game around. So if you're in a position where you need to clear your opponent's board with a spell than you've already lost, and Zoo has very little comeback potential so Shadowflame will just delay the inevitable, not actually allow you to win. Zoo is such a focused deck that if its plan fails it simply loses. I would only consider Shadowflame in the fake Zoo builds, as in the Leeroy+Power Overwhelming aggro Warlock builds that focus more on face damage than actual board control. In those decks you have a big finishing combo that actually allows certain comebacks, making Shadowflame's desperation act viable as now it can help you win rather than just delay your loss. So if you're running the real Zoo deck(the non Leeroy, or any other legendary for that matter, versions) than Shadowflame won't help you at all, if you're running a fake Zoo deck(aggro Warlock with Leeroy and whatever else) than Shadowflame can help you occasionally, so it can be a solid tech card to include in certain ranks.
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Yeah, running the real Zoo one (though with a Black Knight because I opened one and want to use it). The real problem is losing a minion and not being able to play a minion because I just spent 4 mana.

Is there an alternative for dealing with an auctioneer besides winning first?
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Shadowflame is an op'd win-combo card in handlock... not so much in zoo, but probably still more than worth it.

It is an epicly overpowered board clear card.
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Fit in Jarraxus and 1 Shadowflame. If it does manage to get to turn 9, you can swing back around if you still have charge minions left.
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1-2 cards for a fallback plan are usually a bad idea. Even more so in Zoo as unwieldy cards are likely to be tossed to Soulfires and Doomguards.
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