Warlock is a broken class.

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Not because it is overpowered or unfair in anyway, even though I have some negative thoughts on Zoo, but because if you're not playing one of two constructed decks, you're not playing the class.

Let me explain.

When I was invited to the beta I was very excited to try out all the classes and get a overall feel for the game. Warlock especially. I had been playing a warlock as my first and main character in WoW for about 5-6 years and I love the class. So naturally the first constructed deck I made was a warlock. The first few games were fun but as time went on it quickly became apparent that many of the warlock cards were not very good. Its got to the point where many of them were almost unplayable. Discard and life drain made it very difficult to play against many of the aggro paladins, warlocks, hunters and warriors, even against control and tempo decks. It was probably a month later that I dropped the class completely and went to a more effective class, like Paladin.
I still have mixed feeling on the hero power as well. I mean as a warlock it fits. Life tap makes sense and at face value it doesn't feel broken, but I'm not a fan.

Hearthstones current "meta" state is in a weird spot. If I had to guess its probably been since the game officially released a few months ago since I've actually seen a warlock that was not...

1. Zoo
2. Hand.
3. Murloc

... at this point playing a warlock that is not one the above is almost guaranteed to lose against Miracle, Freeze Mage, and the other flavors of the month that are dominating the game.

Please keep in mind this is not a complaint about any of these decks (well maybe a little). Its merely an observation that the warlock class and its cards feel like they need some major re-workings. If anything to further encourage the playing of different and unique decks.
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As time goes on and more cards are added it should increase deck variety.
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07/05/2014 09:20 PMPosted by RogueSpearVI
but because if you're not playing one of two constructed decks, you're not playing the class.

This is not different from other classes though. Generally speaking, once players get their hands on the cards and have sufficient time to play with them, the "best" decks for a given archetype will emerge. Anyone not playing the "best" decks (which shifts with the meta) for that color/class/faction will have a hard time playing against the other "best" decks within that specific meta.

This "limits" variety in an artificial sense, as people will focus on playing what works.

When new cards are introduced, there will be a sudden burst of variety, as people try and figure out the "best" combinations again (and then again once people figure out the counters to those, etc). But outside of that initial burst with the sudden onset of new cards, it is unlikely for there to be more than 1-3 "best" decks for a class at any given time.

In a sense, it's like the Talent System for World of Warcraft. There is a "best" build for your given specialization within the class, and for the roll you intend to use it for (PvE questing, PvE Raiding, Battlegrounds, Arena, etc., and sub-roles within that for DPS/Healing/Tanking if that's an option).

However, you are only limited to the "best" decks/talents/whatever if you want to compete against those "best" decks. Obviously, if you want to do well in Ranked, you'll need to do that, and since many people at least think they want to do well in Ranked, lots of people will use those decks, or decks that they created to counter them (which might shift the meta if it makes enough of an impact). But that isn't the only way to play.

Even if you do want to focus on that mode of play; provided that new cards come out often enough there will be a greater over-all variety over the months and (theoretically) years. Even if only at a given moment (not counting the initial burst as mentioned above) there is only a limited number of decks per class (some have even less "options" than Warlock at the moment), there will be greater variety over time when the meta shifts. And when there are more cards in play overall, there is a greater chance of the meta shifting more often, provided that Power Creep and such can be avoided properly.
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What annoys me is the fact you could very easily die from 24 health which is kinda stupid.

"I'm at 4/5 of my life, I should be fine"
Then leeroy overwhelm faceless soulfire
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3 warlock decks is a lot more than the 1 priest, 1 druid, 1 shaman, 1 paladin, etc. deck.
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07/06/2014 12:27 AMPosted by Homicidal
What annoys me is the fact you could very easily die from 24 health which is kinda stupid.

"I'm at 4/5 of my life, I should be fine"
Then leeroy overwhelm faceless soulfire


Raging Worgen Charge Inner Rage Rampage for 22

FoN Innervate Savage Roar x2 for 24

Leeroy Shadowstep x2 and Cold-blooded for 22

Stormwind Knight Divine Spirit x2 Inner Fire for 20

Arcane Golem Blessing of Might x2 and Blessed Champion or Faceless for 20... )(or getting lucking with Holy Wrath x2 for up to 40 damage.)

Leeroy Windfury Rockbiter x2 for 24

Fireball x2 Icelance x2 for only 16, but it can ignore Taunts.

Hunter is rather situational on it's burst, due to the nature of Unleash the Hounds, and is on the low-end for purely from-the-hand damage (around 15) But on the other hand it's Hero Power means it likely doesn't need as high of a Burst amount.

Anyway, I don't think people should really feel "safe" at turn 9+ if their opponent has 4+ cards in their hand, at least not without over 20 health and a taunt or two. I don't think the game was designed that way, for better or for worse.

You might try Shadow Era, it's a good game, and does tend to have less burst (or at least harder to achieve burst).
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Every single class in the game has very limited #'s of decks that are viable.

That's the way the game is right now, it's just not enough variety of cards, combined with low hero health, high RNG and no control over opponents or what you draw.

Zoolock is superpowered because it skips the RNG component of the draw by just vomiting every card, whatever it may be - there are no bad cards to draw for any situation, because you're just vomiting whatever it is on to the board every round anyway.

Combined with their discard mechanics not actually requiring a discard, they get a lot of free wins and are more consistent than they deserve to be while skipping on the mana curve.
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yea warlock needs to be reworked, its annoying facing zoo 9/10 games.
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What rank are these people facing zoo so much? I see rogues and druids both more than I see zoo.
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Now you realise that no one is using for the "combo". And i say "combo" in quotation because you will draw it once in 10 games. (Welcome to the Zoo/Miracle Meta)

Raging Worgen Charge Inner Rage Rampage
Stormwind Knight Divine Spirit x2 Inner Fire

SIMPLY cuz paladin and warrior dont have the potential to draw to theese cards b4 they loose the board and die. Even so, i dont know a meta since the beginning of hs that uses these cards.

Highest DPS on Warrior in 1 turn is Grom>Rage/Task + Ysera's Nightmare(situational) = 17 at max with the nightmare. Hand lock OTK = 24 Miracle OTK = 18+
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Screw that, I play what I want. Giant Void Terrors for lyfe. Rank be damned.
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rank 15-5i faced all zoo and rouge. stop saying zoo is a bad deck and only terrible players lose to zoo
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