Help me with my druid deck I am a newbie

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Hope you can see it ,

I struggle against mage and sometimes priest

Can you help me make a better deck
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Hmmm, only difficult part about this is not know everything you possess, but I'll make due.

Fundamental of Druid: You have the Largest Attack/Health class minions in the game minions, while expensive, you also have cards like Innvervate and Wild Growth to get them out sooner. You want hard to kill low cost minions so they stick around to board to let you get to late game where your real power is.

Drop Leper Gnome, Murloc Raider, & Worgen Infiltrator. Replace with Wild Growth and Innervate x2
How to Use: you want to Innervate a powerful minion like Chillwind Yeti on Turn 2 (turn 1 if u have coin) or Druid of the Claw on Turn 2, your opponent will most likely have nothing that can deal with it and they'll be forced to play minions and let you kill them, or take 4 damage to face for a few turns. Wild Growth is best played early if u grab it in your opening hand, if you dont get it till late game, save it till u got 10 mana crystals as when u play it, it will then draw you a card instead.

Cards to Remove
-1 Leper Gnome
-1 Murloc Raider
-1 Worgen Infiltrator
-2 Bloodfen Raptor (is better for Hunters)
-1 Bluegill Warrior
-1 Kobold Geomancer (keep the other and use it in the same turn as Swipe or Starfire so a minion doesnt survive with 1 health, otherwise keep it in your hand for the surprise factor)
-1 Healing Touch (You "shouldn't" need 2, swap for a Grizzly if u really need 2)
-1 Silverback Patriarch (better in Priest, but its pretty bad)
-1 Mogu'shan Warden (better in Priest)
-1 Frost Elemental
-1 Lord of the Arena (Ironbark Protector gets the job done better)
-1 Whatever your last card is that the picture doesn't show

Cards to Add
+2 Innvervate
+2 Wild Growth
+2 Acidic Swamp Ooze (same stats as Bloodfen Raptor and will stop Weapons)
+2 Novice Engineer (card draw is important, as you will not always have the answer you need every turn)
+1 Ironfur Grizzly
+2 Gnomish Inventor (more card draw)
+2 Ironbark Protector (has the same stats as some Legendary cards & the Giants)

Hopefully this should help
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Finally, Cards to consider crafting:

-Azure Drake - The replacement for Gnomish Inventor, this card is used in every deck that doesn't have a better draw mechanic.
-Druid of the Claw - get your second copy
-Faerie Dragon - same as above, is hell for Mage too ;)
-Harvest Golem - has a habit of being hard to kill
-Wrath - could replace Claw in your deck
-Loot Hoarder - a 2 damage Novice Engineer that draws when it dies as opposed to when it comes into play

Lastly, you'll have to fight Legendary cards eventually, against the hard to kill ones: Silence is your friend. I'd recommend Spellbreaker for druid over Ironbeak Owl, as spellbreaker sits at 4 attack which requires effort for Priest to kill.
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