Cat or Bear??

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So I've been playing since open beta and still have a tough time sometimes figuring out which mode for Druid of the Claw. There are obvious easy exceptions like Bear mode versus Zoo and probably Cat mode versus Freeze Mage. I play a mostly Charge Wombo Combo deck with 2 DotC, 2 Sunfury Protectors and 1 Sunwalker as my taunt dudes/enablers. Obviously if they're about to gun you down the next turn you need to stick a Bear or if you can kill them next turn you got Cat.

What I'm wondering is if you see that you're playing against Freeze Mage you automatically know it's a Cat? Is it just aggro: bear and control/combo : cat? Always Bear versus Miracle Rogue (or dependent on what turn it is?)

Hard to figure out if what I did was right or wrong as I don't know what's in my opponents hand. Would like some advice please. Thanks.
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As you have mentioned as well it is situational.

Cat can be used if you'd like to play aggressively (against freeze mage for example) or if you'd like to use it as a removal.

I play a ramp druid, therefore I mostly use the bear form.

But really it is depending on the situation you are facing.
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07/12/2014 06:40 PMPosted by GenghisTron
Always Bear versus Miracle Rogue (or dependent on what turn it is?)

Eh, I'd always Cat against Miracle. Kill them before they kill you.

I find I use the cat more if I manage to Innervate out DotC early, simply because you get that much more damage early on. I tend to Cat when it's late into the game as well, where other Taunters take precedence (sunwalker, War).

Bear form is fantastic during a certain window, and it's usually between 4/5/6 mana. Before that, you'd be better off with Cat as not a lot could deal with it quickly and you'll get more damage out of it. After that point, 6+ mana, better Taunters are available.
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I play the strifecro ramp druid deck ( with slight replacements because im poor ) and I can tell you that I am a big fan of the cat form.

the situation is what matters the most of course. people like to run bear against zoo, but if I can see myself instantly getting good board control I run cat form. if I see a 2-for-1 possibility, I go cat form. even if cat form gets a minion+spell, im happy. I do play that deck quite aggresively though, so that is a thing to keep in mind I guess. other situations in which I run cat form is in the beginning when innervating it out ( except against zoo lock and shaman, warlock can just soulfire and shaman can totem lightning bolt. though I do tend to do it against handlock to attempt to pressure them ).
i'd suggest you just think about the situation, what value can the cat get you, what AoE can punish if you go cat, what removal spells they have.
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By default, one should play the bear (4/6 Taunt).

However, in this current meta, the exceptions (the situations in which the 4/4 Charge is a better option) are becoming the norm:

- TBK is ubiquitous, and it's just too risky to play the 4/6 against any deck that likely runs it. If they TBK your Druid of the Claw, you lose.

- Against Control Warrior, you gotta go for the 4/4. You can't let 'em get a lot of armor, and any combination of cards they have that would kill your 4/4 would also kill your 4/6 anyway. The extra 2 health is meaningless.

- Against the mirror, as I alluded to earlier, you have to determine if Swipe or TBK is more likely. You can use simple probability and careful observation of the opponent's behavior (e.g. they've been saving a card for several turns) to help predict what's the right decision.

Without TBK, Druids may have a hard time trying to remove a 4/6 efficiently. If your opponent may have Swipes, but has already played TBK, you go for the 4/6. If they've played their swipes, but not TBK, you go for the 4/4.

- Fireball is likely the only way Mages can take care of a 4/6. If you want them to waste a Fireball, bring out the 4/6. If you want to win the "race," go for the 4/4.

In short, there is no simple answer.
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100% agree with post above. Before the TBK popularity I was using the 4-6 around 95% of the time. Now I'm about 50/50 in situations. If he has turn 6 next turn I'm never playing the 4-6 if my opponent is playing a deck that runs that card. If I get one out in turn 3 or 4 I'll often play the 4-6 as it's safe from TBK. In the mirror, it's fine if he trades swipe for it. It's 4 less damage later you have to deal with.
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If you ask me I almost always use bear as its really beneficial a 4/6 usually people I fight have a tough time killing it and trade two cards for one making value however cat form is useful if your opponents boards clear, has 14 hp and you have mark of nature/wild to buff it with attack and hit him on the face but mostly I never get to do that. Overall it always depends on the situation some people may disagree so this is what I say.
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