Midrange Druid stuck at Rank 5. Feedback?

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I question the deck's 6 mana minions, not sure if I need a Cairne and a Black Knight, or If I should have two Argent Commanders and or Sunwalkers, perhaps at the cost of an azure drake or two, though they seem to be run in every deck.

I'd like to get to legend. What are your thoughts, in regards to my above thoughts or any other changes or advice you have?
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That's not a midrange deck. That's a ramp deck, albeit a good one.

A midrange deck puts pressure at every turn; it's slower than aggro, but faster than control. Your deck doesn't include stable 1-drop or 2-drop minions. Also, you run Wild Growth. Running Wild Growth indicates that you are willing to sacrifice a card and the opportunity to play a 2-drop in order to summon bigger minions faster.

So, for all of those reasons, in my opinion, that's not a midrange deck.

Now, with that being said, your deck looks like a very good (and very standard) ramp deck. If you want to change things up, here are the flexible spots:

1 x Argent Commander
1 x Cairne
1 x Sunwalker
2 x Roar

Now you have to identify the meta at Rank 5. What exactly is giving you problems?

- For example, you could drop a Roar and all of those other cards for more aggression to beat aggro (e.g. 2 x Squire, Starfall, Shieldmasters).

- To combat Handlock, you could keep 2 x Roar and throw in Loot Hoarders to help you draw your combo pieces faster.
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I don't like Azure Drake that much in a ramp druid because you lose a lot of tempo playing them. They die too easily
- Swipe
- Eviscerate
- Backstab + SI7
- Truesilver champion
- Soulfire
- Argent Commander
- Lightning bolt if +1 spell power.
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I tried playing my Druid Ramp deck without Azure Drakes for a while, but my win % went way down. I didn't realize just how important they were until I tried running the deck without them.

It would help to know why you are getting "stuck" before offering advice, though. What matchups do you keep running into that you are losing to?

I was running Cenarius in my list for the longest time, but I swapped it for Ragnaros during playtesting a couple of weeks ago, and it performed much better for me. I hated running Ragnaros the last couple of seasons because of all of the Faceless Manipulator's and Big Game Hunter's that I kept running into, but I'm not seeing those cards very frequently at all anymore.

I'm also running 2 Ancient of War in my list, which have been crazy good for me in so many matchups. It does suck when they eat it to The Black Knight, but they usually use it on my Druid of the Claw's since they come out earlier (and not every list is running AoK's).
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