Cenarius vs Ysera and AoL vs AoW

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I have been looking at a couple variants of Druid decks; one uses Force of Nature with Savage Roar as a wincon as well as several good taunts, a variety of the usual druid cards and Cenarius. The other deck is more focused on creatures using stuff like Sunwalker, AoW and Ysera and finishers.

Nothing I have looked at thus far uses AoL but I have heard they are pretty good.

Which legendary, Cenarius or Ysera, generally serves a druid decks purposes better and are AoL good enough to craft before AoW?

Thanks for any feedback!
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Druid currently has 4 different competitive decks and another semi competitive deck, so it really depends on which Druid deck you're talking about. The 4 competitive decks are: Ramp, Watcher, Token and the new Mill deck, the semi competitive deck is Miracle druid. Each deck suits different cards more than others, the only thing I can tell you from the cards you mentioned is that all of these decks use 2 Ancients of Lore, that's simply a core Druid card that every Druid deck uses. All the rest depend on the deck you're running.
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Quoted from Liquid hearths token druid page

Ancient of Lore

A frankly overpowered card and one which is impossible not to include. The double card draw turn seven -- or even earlier with Innervate -- on top of a solid body makes this a 'god-tier' card in the control match ups and really enables you to play a long game and grind them out. The ability to heal vs aggro is just the icing on the cake!

I never used to have this card then I crafted 2 of them and tried token druid I went from hating the class to loving it overnight
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If you play double combo then cenarius is the best legendary to put in your deck imo. Reach goes from 14 to 29 after you play it. Its also much less luck dependant than ysera or rag.
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Token: Cenarius.
Ramp: Ysera/Rag
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Ancient of Lore is mandatory in every Druid deck. It's why Druid can be prohibitive to newer players, that's 800 dust that simply has to be included in every deck.

Ancient of War is great, but it's no where near Lores level, and is not standard or mandatory in many Druid decks.

Cenarius is easily top three Class Legendaries, and he fits into every current Druid type. Ysera has fallen out of favour as she is far too slow, Cenarius does his thing instantly and is immune to everything bar direct removal.
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07/12/2014 10:25 AMPosted by Dromaa
Which legendary, Cenarius or Ysera, generally serves a druid decks purposes better and are AoL good enough to craft before AoW?

Thanks for any feedback!


And AoL is the greatest epic in the game!
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Ancient of lore makes druid card draw almost a non-issue
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Ancient of Lore is the best minion(potentially the best card) in the game, what decklists are you looking at that aren't including it?
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07/17/2014 06:56 PMPosted by JackD
Ancient of Lore is the best minion(potentially the best card) in the game, what decklists are you looking at that aren't including it?

Really? Best card in the game? I don't know if it's the best but it is definitely great.
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If I don't have any Ancients of War (I do have 2 Lores, though), what's my best bet for deck choice and what should I go with instead of Wars?
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I was into playing Druid token and control variants. I crafted Ysera since she had implications for decks outside of the Druid class. I haven't been happy with that decision, as she takes much too long to get online. She does great in control decks that have multiple legendaries, but if she is the only one in your deck, don't expect to be winning too many games on her back alone.

That doesn't mean I would necessarily craft Cenarius, as personally, I want the flexibility of a neutral card. If you want to go all-in on Druid, then Cenarius is a great choice.

I think that both Cairne and Sylvanas would go well in any Druid deck.
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tbh at the current meta Ysera and Cenarius are both too slow. Your either winning or about to die when you cast them. the meta is so aggro or mid ranged atm. Ever since Naxx is released ive been having a hard time dealing with Zoo atm which doesnt even bother me before. those eggs are really something. -,-
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I run both 2 x Ancient of Lore and 2 x Ancient of War.

Ancient of Lore means that you do not need any other card draw, whatsoever. No Azure Drakes needed. You're paying 1 mana for 1 card. So efficient, even if it costs a whole turn to use.

Ancient of War has so much value, it is absolutely insane. Stat distribution is perfect - kills the 5 health meta. Taunt is perfect - immediate effect from a large minion. It's amazing.

Ysera has no immediate impact. Cenarius has some immediate impact, but still not enough. Ragnaros is your best bet.
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My 7+ drops are 2x Lore 1 x War 1x Ragnaros. Cutting the second ancient of war for a second sunwalker is what got me to legend, sunwalker fits the curve of the deck much better. You can't afford to do nothing on turn 5-6, and sunwalker can often be just as much value as ancient of war.

I can't really say anything about ragnaros that hasn't already been said. He is defensive, a finisher, an effect that can kill a concealed gadgetzan, and a great interaction with faceless manipulator. I have cenarius but prefer ragnaros for his utility.

Running both will kill your curve. ramp druid has a lot of cool late-game and anti-control options, but most of the time you will just win with a crazy board of 4/5's and 4/6's. Playing to that strength is better than trying to shove in unnecessary expensive legendaries that you won't cast often.
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