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hello guys. So i was told to make topic here about constructing deck. After reading posts i got my final (so far) deck build like that
Innervate x2
Claw x1
Mark of the Wild x2
Wild Growth x2
Wrath x2 (Everybody said i need to craft this card so i did)
Kobold Geomancer x1 (Not sure if i should add another)
Healing touch x1 (Seems useless but saved me so many times vs aggro..)
Earthen Ring Farseer x2
Harvest Golem x1 (Have only one :/)
Swipe x2
Chillwind Yeti x1
Keeper of the Grove x2
ChillWind Yeti x1
Nourish x1 (Once again don't have another)
Starfall x1
Azure Drake x1 (So far one ASAP will craft another)
Druid of the Claw x1
Starfire x1
Stormpike Commando x1 (I think most of you will disagree with this but i found use in this card...)
Boulderfist Ogre x2
Ironbark Protector x2

What you think could be improved int his deck?
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I would drop a stormpike commando or boulderfist for another druid of the claw they are definatley good enough to run 2

and switch star fire for another starfall

when you get a bloodmage thalnos switch it for a kobold

when you get a rag or cenarius switch it for an ironbark

then its all about making room for 2 ancients of lore and a cairne blood hoof

this already looks miles better than your first deck good luck and maybe I'll see you in the rankings if you play eu.

also when you get most of those cards you can play with other druid decks I currently have a lot of success with a variation of this token druid deck


definitely worth a read helped me to learn a lot about playing druid

or ramp druid

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Well i'm only rank 16 ~ And i find it hard to get higher cause 95% of players i get matched uses 2 or more legendaries.. :P Not sure how i even making it so high without limited cards and no legendaries.Thanks for post. And yes i do play EU
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I personally always aim to have 2 from a card in a deck. Why? because that increases my chance to have it in my hand when I need it.

I know there are a lot of good cards out there, but you just can't use them all. If you use too mush cards alone, you'll have a high chance to never meet them when you need them.

When you build a deck make sure you use 2 from the must have cards and 1 from the situational cards.

For example using 2* druid of the claw is a must have. Using one from BGH is fine as it is mostly a dead card against aggro, but useful against control decks.
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