Ha, this deck is so much fun. I don't have many cards, but I did managed to pull two Coldlight Oracles, so I threw together a silly Druid deck to try and abuse them. Naturalise provides more card draw (for the opponent), Brewmasters bounce the Oracles to use them again, and the big Taunts and Swipe (and Healing Touch) try to keep you alive from all the stuff you're giving the opponent. I just finished a match against a rush style Warlock, managing to control the board by killing all his stuff and finally Fatiguing him to death by Naturalising my own Keeper. I had anoth match against a Priest where he had two Northshires out. I healed one with Earthen Ring, hero powered and hit it, then played the other Earthen Ring to heal it back up again, burning four of his cards. He ended up Silencing his own Northshire just in case I did it again!

Now, I shouldn't think it's going to be climbing the ranks any time soon, but it is hilarious when it all comes together.
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