I have been playing mage pretty much 100% for ranked play and cant break through rank 10....I do every daily quest and druid games seem to be the most fun of all other classes for me. I also have a pretty decent win rate with druid on non ranked games. Right now my build is:

Innervate x 2
Mark of Wild x 2
Power of Wild
Swamp ooz
Mark of Nature
Savage roar
Harvest Golem
Shattered Sun Cleric
Soul of Forest
Swipe x 2
Chillwind Yeti
Kepper of the Grove
Spell Breaker
Druid of the claw x 2
Faceless Manipulator
Force of Nature
Starfire x 2
Cenarius *gold baby!*

I have about 1600 dust I can use *Thalnos??* I have never played Druid much ranked. I realize the flaws in this deck but want some straight up advice. I like control style play. And I like my legendaries, they seem well suited for Druid. So what do ya'll think? What to take out and what to add?