So, of the new Naxx Cards

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Which do you seen being thrown into our decks, and why?

In case anyone was not aware, they have all been released as of today.
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Wailing Soul could be nice in Watcher Druid, probably just a one of though since you don't want to be silencing taunts all the time. Choose One minions aren't classified as having battlecries so the Nerub'ar Weblord will mostly just hurt your opponent and not you so that's nice.
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Poison Seeds kills Handlock.
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I have the feeling he's really going to be great in ramp decks.
Having your big taunts repeatedly come back will be hell for the opponent, especially if they already used their big removals.
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07/22/2014 01:27 AMPosted by Greywind
I have the feeling he's really going to be great in ramp decks.
Having your big taunts repeatedly come back will be hell for the opponent, especially if they already used their big removals.

And you can revive your Hexed Ancient of War!! 8 mana 6/8 summon a Frog value!
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Doesn't a AoW get transformed, instead of destroyed and replaced?
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I think I'll try to push a Doomlord and an Echoing Ooze into my ramp deck. Echoing + Power of the Wild + possibly Mark of the Wild = fun.

Doomlord is mostly for a little more anti-zoo as starfall+swipe doesn't always cut it.

I like the seeds but I'm on the fence about those. Depends on if I have trouble with handlock in the future.
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Spectral Knight will compete with Azure for a spot. I could see Taunt City Druid's using it and Argus, and then just drawing off the Lore's or even a single Nourish to make up for the Drake's draw.
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spectral knight is just another big body that fits well with ramp druid, I feel. it's a tauntless bear, so it can't be killed by TBK, and can't be hit by fireball. personally I like nerub'ar weblord, but I think it's just personal, and not necessarily for druid decks specifically. makes a lot of plays pretty annoying, and most typical druid minions don't have battlecry, so you're fine running it
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I got a deck I made that sums up the new cards I use and why
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I just started playing this season and am now a lvl 32 rank 9 Druid, playing (underpowerded) Ramp Druid exclusively. So don't take my opinion too seriously but I just like to theorize :-). I'm only commenting on the cards for Arachnid quarter, since the others aren't available yet.

  • Poison Seeds
  • (I've played this as a one-of in ranked over my 2nd Savage Roar)
    This is a strong effect, but regular druid decks aren't well set up to abuse the back half, which puts 2/2s into play. An opposing full board of 2/2s still can;t be ignored, and many opposing decks can deal with a board of 2/2s easier. Druids creatures are better than these and don't have relevant deathrattle to trigger. You almost never want to play this for the back half of the card. The destroy part is very strong against very good opposing minions, like taunted giants from handlock or legendaries from control warrior. The best case is against a concealed Auctioneer from a Miracle Rogue banking on its survival. Against mediocre minions this card hardly does anything, and against an empty board it does nothing (unlike Swipe, for example). I don't think Poison Seeds will be a staple card, but it can be put to use to get you out of situations that no other card can. A good addition to the arsenal.

  • Haunted Creeper
  • (I played two of these in ranked over Loot Hoarder)
    I had high hopes for this to be deceptively powerful like a mini Harvest Golem, but unlike the golem both halves are just too much underpowered to be worth it. The front half 1/2 just doesn't put enough pressure on control decks and the two 1/1s only come out of the opponent is ready for it. The only theoretical case where I see it being better than other possible 2-drops (Loot Hoarder, Power of the Wild, Sunfury Protector) is when played early against swarm decks. That's just not good enough.

  • Nerubar Weblord
  • I haven't played this card in ranked yet, but 1/4 seems very ignorable for opponents. Druid decks are surprisingly not affected by this, because most of their cards that do something when they come in actually don't have battlecry. Adding 2 cost to Twilight Drakes, Sunfury Protector/Defender of Argus, Azure Drake,Alextrazsa, Flame Imp, Abusive Sergeant and ofcourse Leeroy Jenkins might be good for slowing down opponents to drag them into the late game. I will try this, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Nerubian Egg
  • This card seems very strong, but you'll have to make sure that they can't be ignored. They have to be pumped (PotW, Savage Roar), taunted or your opponent must be forced to use mass removal. Ramp Druid decks don't naturally seem to do this very well, and that makes them too unreliable for those decks, especially because the early game cards need to be realiable to get to the endgame. This seems stronger for agressive decks who can use Abusive Sergeant/Dire Wolf type of cards, and face opposing mass removal more often. This is the best card of the bunch imho.

  • Maexxna
  • This seems very weak for 6 mana. It takes out 1 creature every turn for a couple of turns, but only starting at turn 7. Swarm decks can just ignore this, control decks take two every turn or kill it if they have to. I don't see a place for this card.
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    gotta say i was having fun playing against a miracle with poison seeds in hand, he played the standard auctioner + Conceal...eeerrrp not in my backyard!
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    I've been using the Deathrattles, Poison Seeds and Maexxna (yes, I'm serious). The Deathrattles and Soul of the Forest combo incredibly well with Poison Seeds and Maexxna + anything that gives her Taunt has been quite nice. Even without the Taunt she goes 1 for 1 minimum almost every time.
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    poison seeds
    and spectral knight

    wont really have enough place in my deck for anything else, i still have no idea how ill include spectral knights to begin with(will prolly ditch 1 MotW for one and a drake for another)

    ive tried maexxna but i just pulled more success out of a sunwalker honestly.
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    I'm loving poison seeds. Finding a spot for Spectral Knight will be tough. I might drop Azure Drake. I'm more interested in Kel'Thuzud though.
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    Adding Haunted Creeper, Nerub'ar Weblord, and Loatheb to my token druid deck has been fun.
    Really effective. Still testing Loatheb but it's great. Played a paladin and probably prevent consecrate because it was turn 5 and it would've cost him 9 mana.
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    Poison seeds - All too often, this is a dead card in my hand. Ive seen people proc eggs with it but I dont like relying on combos. Maybe with other upcoming naxx cards it will combo better with other things. Never used a poison seeds+starfall combo that I had to use still. Big game hunter is a good removal that I can use even if there is no minions for them on board though. I dont know. I guess for you high ranks that play handlocks a ton will have one in your deck but for me, I think I will stick with big game hunter. Still playing with seeds though.

    Unstable ghoul - this is that 1/3 taunt card that has deathrattle 1dmg to all minions. I threw one in my deck since I am late game druid and this has helped me alot vs aggro.
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    stoneskin garg is INSANE when you open it with taunt. Aside from an early owl or shaman silence,
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    I am having a lot of success adding Nerubian Eggs (and Poison Seeds and Loatheb) to Watcher Druid. I just made legend with this list in the 11th hour of season 4:

    It seems like a natural fit since the taunt activators for Watchers also activate Nerubian Eggs. Sometimes it feels like you're getting a 4/4 for 2 mana with the benefit of a 0/2 token. Okay...maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's very strong. Loatheb is very strong too, but not more so in Druid than any other deck. Poison Seeds is...okay...I think? It does activate the Eggs.
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    played a priest earlier, running ramp druid. After using a keeper to silence lighspawn he has given +2 health to make it a 7/7, I give a cocky sorry emote, he plays Maexxna... right before I can ysera... he then divine spirits it, I have 2 ancient of wars, alexstraza, ysera and cairne in my hand, I can play none of them... without them insta dieing, I have a swipe, but thats not gonna do 14 damage :( about 4/5 turns go by, I am waiting for that keeper, a nourish comes along, but alas no keeper I end up with a full hand, I am running double healing touch to beat the zoos, so have used these to stay alive, the priest only has around 8 damage on the board and is also playing nothing. I break,full hand have to just play stuff. This priest has on the board 1/3 cleric 3/14 Maexxna, a 4/7 senjin shield, and a yep he buffed it so I can't kill it with yetis, I am forced to play 2 minions at once to try and get board control, but alas everything dies. Mex can't killed 2 in one turn... but its no good he combos the 3 damage from the taunt with holy novas and fires, an it just goes down hill

    in the end his Maexxna kill 2 yetis, ysera, cairne, a sunwalker before I finally drew my second keeper, on 6 health, he had lethal on the board gg. I even tried faclessing it, but he was running shadow word pain... prob been sat in his hand all the time I don't run any minions with less than 4 health!
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