Is token Druid still good?

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So I've built the deck recently, and I find it very fun and fitting of my play-style. I was thinking of taking it into the ladder, but I'd like to hear from the pros; does the deck work in the current meta? Is there anything specifically to know about it/it's match-ups before I roll with it?

I've based my list on MaSsan's (can be found here!druid/c1x9v). I'm trying Illidan in it and he's worked out well for me, as has a single Moonfire to enable him/the teachers (and sometimes the removal aspect is relevant.)

I was also wondering if I should run 2x Force of Nature, have other people experimented with this.

Thanks for the help!
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its still good, but in my experience its less reliable than the standard yeti fast druid.

double force of nature is basically mandatory in token, savage roar you can ditch one of.

if you dont want to lose to priests every time i suggest putting in a 1-2 faerie dragons it also helps against miracle

i think illidan isnt great, hes a bit too slow due to his mana cost. and vulnerable as hell to BGH
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Would you mind trying a new link? This one!druid/c1x9v doesn't work:(

Anyway, I play token as my main deck and think it works well in the current meta, though at higher ranks (<5) Ramp does overall better.
I believe Illidan is just too slow, Token is an aggressive deck and you don't really want a big dead card in your hand(drawing FoN first turn is painful enough, trust me, and that's just 6mana). In general your focus must be to end games turn 9-10 with a SavaTure combo. Ancient of Lores alone provide you enough late game to last longer in case you have had a crappy draw or the game is going bad.
I play with 2x FoN and 2x Savage Roar. That's because comboing is vital to end games and also because you can afford to use one FoN as a removal. I used to play with Starfall in place of 1 FoN when I didn't have the second one.

A more expensive Token that works well at higher ranks is Gnimsh':
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I currently play a token / taunt hybrid that is working well for me.

Taken it to rank 4 atm, and hoping for legend this season but never seem to have the time to play.
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Personally I have seen some videos of people with token decks they're pro's so they usually get win streaks I don't remember the channel but this guy called Dittis made a token druid deck on youtube and showed gameplay you should go check it out. Best of luck
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