Naxx Deathrattle Druid

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Hello everyone!

After completing Naxx I started playing around with the new cards and have tested some synergies and formed a new Druid deck. Let me know what you think or any improvements you want to make. (Keep in mind I have counter zoo meta in mind with some of these cards)

X 2 Innervate
X 2 Mark of the Wild
X 1 Crazed Alchemist (for hatching egg, and so far its also nice to have to remove Shieldbearers from zoo and aggro pally)
X 2 Haunted Creeper
X 2 Nerubian Egg
X 1 Savage Roar
X 2 Harvest Golem
X 2 Mind Control Tech (This card is mainly to help against Zoo and would be the first I would change when meta changes)
X 2 Poison Seeds
X 2 Swipe
X 2 Keeper of the Grove
X 1 Abomination (Mostly for zoo, but works nice to clear board after Poison Seeds and to hatch Egg and Creepers
X 2 Druid of the Claw
X 1 Faceless Manipulator
X 2 Force of Nature
X 1 Cairne Bloodhoof
X 2 Ancient of Lore
X 1 Ragnaros the Firelord
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It's a really cool idea. But I would drop one Poison seeds, and replace it with Sylvanas. Sylvanas has a really good deathrattle. Just imagine how it would work with Kel'thuzad, once we can get it.
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That sounds great tbh. I forgot about her. Problem is I don't have her yet. Got a lot of ideas I wish she would be a part of haha
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I like the idea of Abomination. I totally forgot it did a 2 dmg AoE.
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Hey, I haven't tried it so I was wondering, wouldn't Abomination damage/kill your minions after Poison Seed?
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No his deathrattle goes off first before the trees appear. I had originally put him in there for that reason but now i just change the order. Play poison seeds first then play abomination after the trees are in play. Obviously you don't play him if you have a tree advantage. But you have the choice if your behind to force a complete board wipe.
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