Adventuring Druid Deck

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Hey everyone!

I am pretty new to the game but I played MTG for years. I have been working on a few decks and this is one of them. I would love feedback from streamlining the deck.

The goal of the deck is to create a huge power gap in an instant with low cost spells. The deck has a few different builds and I will post them all.

Thanks for reading and thank you for the feedback.

Updated the deck!
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So I updated the deck after some playtesting. The swing in this deck can be insane.
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No feedback? :(
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Sorry Trayes, I can't even click on your link and my days of copy/pasting links are over.
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Looks like a pretty strong deck actually. Three cards stand out to me as being underpowered, and I think they should be cut:

1. Stonetusk Boar - this just doesn't do enough to take a card spot in your deck, no synergy to make it shine. Try Argent Squire instead.

2. Moonfire. This almost has no effect on the game. I get that it turns on your cards that care about spells, but if you don't get value out of the Moonfire it is still not a strong play. I'm sure that you feel pretty awesome if you play this with Violet Teacher and Gadgetkan Auctioneer in play, but you basically just played a Novice Engineer then. I suggest playing more minions instead, since you're a bit low on them. Try Haunted Creeper or Loot Hoarder.

3. Mana Addict: this is ofcourse very thematical but the baseline of this card is just very low. To turn it on you might have to play spells at times you don't want to. If you just want to have fun with this and try to grow it, go ahead, but I think you'll be better off running more powerful cards if you want to win. Your deck has a very low mana curve which can be dangerous if the game gets a bit longer. I suggest using the extremely strong Druid minions Druid of the Claw to make your mid- to late game stronger.

Good luck and have fun!
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