Investing into druid? Need advice.

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Since I`m f2p I`d like to focus on 1 good deck and I think that druid is a very solid pick no matter what the current meta is. I`m getting close to 1600 dust and I think it would be nice to support my deck with a legendary card. Preferably neutral one.

Which in your opinion fits the token druid that I`m playing atm the best? I`m thinking about carine or black knight but on the other hand I don`t think how meta gonna change and if the card is going to be useful in the future.
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Ragnaros was my first craft, and I don't regret it. I still use Ragnaros in the majority of my decks. Pretty solid if you ask me :)

Although, another option is Sylvanas. Way better than Cairne in my opinion. Cairne is ONLY good in the control matchup whereas Sylvanas is still good against aggro and even more so against control.
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Thank you for the answer. I was considering the Ragnaros but I think this card is too rng. It may win you the game or lose it. It doesn`t really fit token imo.

I watched tournament today and most of token druids were runing carine/black knight but this is tournament not random games where most of players play aggro decks. In this case black knight would have no value. Tough decision since I can craft only 1 legendary.

I opened 4 legends in packs so far and I`m really unlucky. 2x cho, Edwin and Beast :x
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Bloodmage thalnos would be a good card to combo with spells since you're using violet teacher to get out your minions. Good in a majority of other decks too.
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plus bloodmage can be comboed with swipe for 5 to one and 2 to the board. A nice clean board wipe against zoo or after you've used poison seeds.

rag is ok. I crafted him too after disenchanting a gold leg. I used him for a little bit and now he doesn't have a home in any of my decks.
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If you are just starting out IMHO you should craft Ragnaros because if you are just beginning, you don't have the skill and/or the collection to compete and Rag gives you that late game punch budget decks lack. There are definitely times when my deck doesn't have a Rag in it but that's because I now have majority of the cards I need, for example for Druid I can take out Rag and then put in Ancient of War, Ancient of Lore, Ysera, etc. Bloodmage is ok too but tbh for when I was just starting it was way more satisfying for me to plop down Rag than cast Bloodmage and watch him die and draw me a card.

If you are wondering, the reason why Rag is valued highly is because although he is RNG, he hits on the first turn you summon him and he doesn't need to attack/take damage. For example, if you have a 6/7 ogre, he will have summoning sickness and will have to live the next turn to do something, maybe he gets assassinated/polymorphed/hexed, and then you are at a disadvantage because you spent 6 mana and the opponent spent 3-5. With Rag though, he practically pays for himself the turn he comes in, he'll either come in and hit the face for 8, or he'll hit some random dude, most likely kill it, and then if he gets killed during the opponent's turn he turns into a 2-for-1. This is esp. true for Druid because you have the ability to deal 1 damage and take out pesky X/1 minions which would've been a waste of 8 damage.

EDIT: Sorry I didn't realize you specifically meant for your token deck. If you it's just token the obv choices would be Bloodmage, Cairne and Cenarius. Bloodmage pumps spells, Cairne can be poison seeded and give you a 4/5 along with a treant, and Cenarius can pump up tokens or give you taunt.
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Cairne is a good choice for a first Legendary, he's not as slow as playing out a Rag either. You might be better off crafting x2 Ancient of Lore if you don't have them though. They're probably the most important part of any type of Druid deck.
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For a good overall legendary, go ragnaros. For something suited to this deck, get thalnos.

But if you ask me, getting 16 good rares will have a much bigger impact than one legendary.
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black knight and play token

theres no point in playing ramp without at least 3 legendaries (cairne, rag and TBK)
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