Hello i have been trying out some new decks with the "expansion" and i have had quite a lot of succes with this new deck It focuses on deathrattle and a crapton of units to burst your enemy down with.
2x innervate
2x power of the wild
1x wrath
2x haunted creeper
2x savage roar
1x acolyte of pain (still working on this one)
2x harvest golem
1x poison seeds
2x soul of the forest
2x swipe
2x keeper of the growth
2x violet teachers
2x druid of the claw
2x force of nature
1x black knight
2x ancient of lore
1x cenarius
1x onyxia

That is the deck. As you can see, i use some cards that are not normally used such as soul of the forrest and onyxia. Onyxia has won me tons of game because they use all their aoe before she is thrown out which gives me an for the most part instantkill next turn when comboed with savage roar. It is also great with SotF (Soul of the forrest) and PoW.
The use of SotF makes the board freakishly hard to remove. It comboes great with the haunted creepers (2x 1-1 becomes 2x 2-2) and most of my other small units. FoN and SotF is a funny combo because you can use your ents and they "die" and come back like nothing happened.
The game is focused on the midgame and finishes with Savage roar and sometimes the Savage roar+ FoN combo.
If the deck gets going it is incredible hard to stop. Most of the games end quite onesided, with some closer games (frostmage).

It is a really fun deck to play and you feel great when you throw down a SotF on 5+ minions (wich happens quite often). So what do you guys think? What would you change? (please give me some advice with the acolyte he is kinda useless).
Btw i tried using the nerubian egg, but for the most part it was just useless.
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