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First off just wanted to say hello. Started playing hearthstone yesterday and been having some fun with it. I figure blizzard has bled me enough over the years so I have no intentions of paying my way forward. With that in mind I've started assembling my first deck. Why druid? Simple, anyone who knows anything knows druid is master race. Boomkin was always my favorite wow spec and so here I am.

Now, I've been browsing these forums for the better part of an hour and most of the deck lists i've seen are kind of spammy aggro or tempo lists. I don't really want to spam tokens; I want to blow !@#$ up. With that in mind this is my first go at a late-game control direct damage list. I'd like some input on my next direction from more experienced players.

2 of each of the following

* Innervate
* Claw
* Power of the Wild
* Wrath
* Kobold Geomancer
* Youthful Brewmaster
* Savage Roar
* Shattered Sun Cleric
* Swipe
* Chillwind Yeti
* Sen'jin Shieldmasta
* Starfire
* Ironbark Protector

1 of each of the following

* Poison Seeds
* Keeper of the Grove
* Druid of the Claw
* Maexxna

Ok, so as you can see the list is mostly comprised of the basic set. I have managed to get as low as rank 15 but am sort of hovering between 17-20. As I said previously mI'm still very much new here and as such, am still learning the nuances and the individual threat cards to play around in each matchup.

Why I chose what I chose...

Innervate, pretty great for early springboards but falls off a lot late-game. Not sure if this will make it in for my final list as it caters more to tempo/aggro builds and not pivotal to what i am trying to achieve.

Claw, I like this alot. Helps me bridge the gap for the time being between control and tempo since i am still missing many pieces. Its very mana efficient and this may or may not make the final list; but for now, im very happy with claw's performance overall.

Power of the wild is a card that just screamed value to me. Getting an early threat or providing late-game protection which can force bad trades on my opponents part. Very flexible.

Wrath is again, very flexible and, I may be wrong, but feels very staple for all druids.

Geomancer is what makes this deck tick. He really packs a punch for the swipe combos and makes wrath much better as well. Best to hold until direct damage is ready cuz he tends to get sniped quickly. Thoughts on the value of moonfire in conjunction with him?

Brewmaster and cleric are just value units. Lots of utility and flexibility on nice stat bodies.

Savage roar is a nice clincher and works well with some of the smaller units to take down beefy things. May drop further down the line.

Swipe, this is just awesome. With the geomancer, it can snowball hard.

Yeti and shieldmasta are just value. Are their any better statted guys for the cost?

Ironbark Protector. Topping out the curve is this monstrosity. I really like him. Huge threat that must be dealt with very quickly. Tends to trade well.

Poison seeds feels very narrow but occasionally its just what i need so i thought 1 would be prudent. Combos with geomancer and swipe quite nicely for late-game and can be a very nice way to get rid of huge legendaries that just want to smack my face.

Keeper, need another one of these guys, I really dig the flexibility he offers. Nice hp means he can trade pretty well in combat and he synergizes with the brewmasters for repeated snipes/silences.

Not completely sold on druid of the claw. I'd like to eventually obtain the ancients but they arent cheap and for now this is a placeholder more than anything. He does offer some nice flexibility though, so i don't hate him.

Maexxna is in because it was easy to get her and she trades well. She doesn't offer much in the way of synergy and definitely isn't what i want endgame but for now it works. Speaking of legendaries, what is the best option for a direct damage control type of list?

Next on my list to get are the azure OP dragon and another grovekeeper as well as starfalls. After that I'll probably start saving for the ancients. That could be a long way away though.

So here's where you do your bit. Feedback from experienced players would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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Sounds like you're on the right track; Keeper of the Grove, Azure Drake, and, eventually, Ancient of Lore(s) are all good cards to add.

A few other easy to acquire cards I'd suggest you consider for a late-game control deck:

Wild Growth (basic)
This helps you get your big creatures out more quickly and is a staple in druid ramp/control decks

Harvest Golem (common)
If you're looking for value, this card has it. 4/4 in stats for three mana and it's difficult to remove. Gives you good early board presence.

Earthen Ring Farseer (common)
Another good option at the 3 mana spot. Can either heal your larger creatures - like your Ironbarks - or it can heal you if you're facing an aggro deck.

Druid of the Claw (common)
Sounds like you're on the fence about this guy, but he's actually one of the best commons in the game. Play him in bear form unless you can finish an opponent off with charge (+ maybe power of the wild or other buffs). I'd add another since you only have one.

Boulderfist Ogre (basic)
This card is very similar to Chillwind Yeti - not very exciting, but has good stats. This card can take on other big threats you're running up against, or can strike directly at your opponent and act as another finisher.

If I were you, I would:

-2 Shattered Sun Cleric
-2 Youthful Brewmaster
-1 Savage Roar
-1 Maexxna
-1 Starfire

+2 Wild Growth
+2 Harvest Golem
+1 Earthen Ring Farseer
+1 Druid of the Claw
+1 Boulderfist Ogre

Those changes would cost you 160 dust, which isn't too bad in the scheme of things.
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^Listen to this dude, he knows what he's talking about.

Also, if you are serious about Druid suggest you get 2 copies of Ancient of War and Ancient of Lore ASAP, even before legendaries. AoW is a much better taunt than the 8/8 because it is cheaper, it dodges Big Game Hunter. and unless dealt with hard removal is harder to deal with, two Yetis are enough to kill a Protector but you need a 3rd guy to kill AoW.

AoL is IMHO the best 7 cost minion and one of the strongest class cards in the game. This helps you out amazingly well against both Aggro (heal) and Control (cards), probably the reason I main Druid. Just an amazing card.

As for best legendary, if you are just starting out I suggest a neutral legend, people usually choose between Ragnaros, Leeroy or Bloodmage. Leeroy is for people who like super aggro or miracle decks, Bloodmage is for those who want efficiency and love casting AOE spells but for raw damage and board presence you can't go wrong with Rag.

Rag is efficient and silence-proof at 8/8 for 8,and his ability is ridiculous as he hits the turn he comes in to play, compared to normal big guys like Giants who have to wait 1 turn before doing anything. This is esp. true in the lower ranks because most people don't have large collections yet and a guy like Rag really stomps over the basic set late game cards, I mean for example you spend turn 8 on a Protector, your opponent casts Rag,boom! Dead Protector and you now have to deal with his Rag. Either that or he get socked for 8 in the face and have to trade your Protector for his Rag anyway.
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Wow, thanks for the feedback guys!

I have added and removed the ogre a few times. usually after a loss in which i end up with too much size in the opening.

Of wild growth and innervate; which is better overall? I feel like running all 4 is too many as they fall off quickly and i hate hate hate dead cards. It doesn't seem wise to run either as a 1 off since that guarantees ill almost never start with it.

Harvest golems I will put on the to-do list... my, that is growing long. Takes A LOT of games to even get a single pack which is only 5 cards... I guess when they say P2W they mean P2W.

As I continue to play I am liking the druid more and more. He will probably find himself a permanent home :D

Concerning the ancients. I realize they are like super amazing badass; but, my previous ccg experience is telling me that adding 1 card will not improve my deck more than adding 4-10 solid lower rarity cards will; so, unfortunately, these need to sit on the backburner.

Rag seems a bit random for me. I like to be in control when Im playing. In 2 of the 3 games i've seen it played against me; the inability to attack has directly cost my opponent the match. Leeroy seems legit, even without going aggro as it can potentially combo well with roar and/or brewmasters. Seems solid.

Thalnos seems like a good option as well. Card efficiency is king. That being said, I wonder if he is impactful enough to warrant the 1600 dust?

What are your thoughts on Malygos? I got hammered earlier today by a mage that was running him. +5 whoa!! Is it just too late-game to have an impact on the spamathon?

I wouldn't be opposed to playing cenarius i don't think. I've got no plans for playing other classes because, as we all know; drood is master race. So picking up a neutral isn't that important. How well does he tend to perform overall? Seems like good value as he comes into play giving 2 virtual cards and needs to be coped with in a relatively timely manner; at worst he seems like a 3 for 1?

I managed to get my hands on a second grove keeper which has helped a bunch! Also picked up a starfall and replaced a starfire with it. Really helping out vs the spammy crap that i seem to be facing every other match.

Thanks again for the feedback! :D
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Don't worry about the legends before you get 2 Ancient of Lore. They're very good. I agree with all xxblindzxx said as well.

About Innervate and Wild Growth, you can easily run all 4. In the late game you can use innervate to couple two strong cards (like playing two Boulderfist Ogre in the same turn), and if you cast a Wild Growth when you already have 10 crystals, you get to draw a card, so it's never dead in the late game. Have fun and good luck, and remember, don't worry about where you want to get, the journey is more fun anyway :-).
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Only 100 dust from lore # 1 :D I think not running them is whats killing me with the 4 ramp cards. They are death for tempo without any reliable card draw. For now im just rocking out with wild growths but when i get the ancients ill change it up i think. Happened to open a sunwalker (golden, no less :D) and that has helped dramaticcally.
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