Purchase Issues with Plague Quarter


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I've gotten a series of updates from the Hearthstone team, and here is where we are on the above issues:

Incorrectly Charged Gold Purchases [Resolved]
Players who have been charged more than 700g when purchasing a Naxxramas wing should now see that they have been refunded. The issue has also been hotfixed so that this shouldn't occur going forward, so it is safe to repurchase the wing if you have not already.

Waiting for Authorization [Resolved]
Players would receive the above error when there was an issue during purchase. Players should now see that this has been resolved. If you are still impacted by this, please contact Customer Support for escalation.

For transparency, we are investigating one case for a player who has an issue with multiple regions. If this sounds as though you may also be affected, please contact support using the link above.

Shop Showing as "Closed" [Ongoing]
Players may be affected by an issue where they are unable to access the in-game Shop. Our development team is currently investigating the issue. Any available updates to this issue will be posted here.

No Access to an Individual or Multiple Wings After a Successful Purchase [Support Available]
Players who complete purchases that are completed may have an issue accessing the wing they were attempting to purchase. While our development team continues to investigate the issue to prevent future occurrences, Customer Support is able to assist in these cases. Please verify the following before opening a ticket:
  • The order shows status Complete when viewed on the Order History in Account Management
  • [For iTunes Purchases] Attach the receipt for your Naxxramas Wing Purchase to the ticket for verification.
  • Contact Support, detailing which wing purchased is not available. A Game Master should be able to assist in unlocking the content.

This hasn't been a great experience for some of our players, and we apologize for the frustration caused. While development continues on the Shop Closed issue, we're going to transition to the new thread as the majority of the issues surrounding the initial Plague Wing have been resolved. If you have an issue with your purchase that is not covered above (or if you continue to experience an issue that is marked as resolved), please reach out to a Game Master for assistance so we can investigate further.


UPDATE: 8/10/14 4:58 pm PDT

Please be aware that refunds should now have been issued for most players where access to Curse of Naxxramas was paid for through PC/Mac but not granted. In these cases, impacted players will need to purchase Curse of Naxxramas again in order to properly gain access to the Naxxramas content. Please note that affected accounts that made purchases through the iPad should contact Apple directly. We are still continuing to work on issuing refunds for players that were incorrectly charged a partial amount for Curse of Naxxramas, and will provide an update regarding this as soon as we have it. Once again, our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience that these issues have caused and thank you for your continued patience.


UPDATE: 8/6/14 8:15 pm PDT

Duplicate Purchases

We have identified groups of players who were charged multiple times when attempting to make purchases. Some of the affected players have already received refunds, but we are in the process of implementing a hotfix that will reimburse duplicate purchases to the remaining affected accounts. We will provide additional updates as these issues are resolved.

Waiting for Authorization

A fix has already been put into place for the majority of players stuck at the “Waiting for Authorization” screen, but a small number of players may still be experiencing this issue. We are continuing to investigate those accounts that may still be affected and will implement hotfixes to address the issue.

Note: There are two separate issues under investigation in this case: Players awaiting refunds should be no longer be stuck within the “Waiting for Authorization” screen once the refund processes. Meanwhile, those players who remain stuck in this state after a refund has already been processed should be released via an upcoming hotfix.

Successful Purchases, Plague Quarter Unavailable (both Real Money and Gold)

At this time, we have begun processing refunds for players who made successful purchases but did not properly unlock the Plague Quarter (both real money and gold currencies).

Shop Closed

We are currently investigating reports that some players are continuing to receive a “Shop Closed” notification.


UPDATE: 8/5/14 3:30pm PDT

Thank you everyone for your continued patience and the information that you’ve provided us. With your help, we’ve made a lot of progress toward resolving these issues for everyone who has been affected. Here is a quick progress update:

Double-charged Cash Purchases

On Friday, we performed an automated reimbursement for double-charged purchases made with real money, and we are in the process of notifying affected players via email. Please note that refunds can take up to 7 business days depending on your financial institution’s policies.

For purchases via the Apple iTunes store, please note that Blizzard is unable to initiate a refund due to billing limitations. Please contact Apple Customer Support for assistance with any duplicate charges for purchases made through Apple.

Double-charged Gold Purchases [Update]

We have identified groups of players who were charged gold multiple times when attempting to purchase the Plague Quarter. A hotfix has been implemented to properly reimburse duplicate gold purchases to the affected accounts. Affected players will need to log out and log back in to see the updated gold totals. We appreciate your continued patience and apologize for the inconveniences caused for this issue.

Waiting for Authorization

A fix has already been put into place for the majority of players stuck at the “Waiting for Authorization” screen, but some players may still be experiencing this issue. We are continuing to investigate those accounts that may still be affected and implement hotfixes to address the issue.

Successful Purchases, Plague Quarter Unavailable (both Cash and Gold)

We are currently testing a resolution that will allow access to the Plague Quarter for those who made a single purchase (in either real money or gold), but weren’t granted access. We’ll provide further updates as they become available.

We’ve been working tirelessly to resolve these issues, and we thank you for your cooperation, and the important information that everyone has provided thus far. We hope to have more news for you soon, and we deeply appreciate your continued patience.


UPDATE: 8/2/14 11:56am PDT

A fix was just implemented that is intended to address purchase issues that some players have been experiencing where the purchase appears to be “Waiting for Authorization”. With this fix, we have also begun the process of addressing accounts that are stuck in this state. Thank you for your continued patience and please let us know if you continue to experience issues.


UPDATE: 8/1/14 11:16pm PDT

A fix was just deployed to address accounts that were mistakenly charged multiple times while attempting to purchase Naxxramas. We have begun the process of reimbursing affected accounts that made purchases through the PC/Mac. Please note that affected accounts that made purchases through the iPad should contact Apple directly. Please be aware that we are still investigating purchase issues where the purchase appears to be “Waiting for Authorization”. Thank you for your continued patience as we continue working hard on resolving these issues.


UPDATE: 7/31/14 3:30pm PDT

Our development team continues to work on the known issues for Hearthstone. These are the latest updates:

  • Players who have completed double purchases – We are currently investigating incidents where players were erroneously charged more than once to unlock the new Plague Wing, or were unable to purchase the wing using gold. While this issue no longer seems to be occurring for new purchasers, if your account was previously charged more than once for any purchases, we currently investigating and working to provide reimbursements as appropriate.
  • Waiting for Authorization – We are actively working on a resolution for this issue. We don’t currently have an ETA available, but we’ll provide further updates as soon as they are available.
  • Purchases complete but wing not unlocked – We are identifying all of the affected accounts and will be working to unlock the Plague Wing for those affected as soon as possible. No ETA is currently available regarding when this process will be complete.

Thank you for your continued patience! Our teams have been working around the clock to address these issues, and we will continue to provide updates as soon as they are available.


UPDATE: 7/30/14 3:30pm PDT

Thanks to everyone for your continued patience. We're working as hard as we can to identify and isolate each issue, and resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

At this time, Blizzard Customer Support doesn't have the ability to provide refunds for purchases that may have gone awry due to these ongoing issues. Not to worry! The Hearthstone Dev Team is well aware of the impact this has had, and they are working to deliver the purchased content and address billing concerns.

As we hear any updates throughout the day, we'll be sure to post them here. We can't stress enough how important it is to help us keep this thread organized, and everyone has done a fantastic job of that and providing us with the information that we need to investigate and get this fixed. Much appreciated!


UPDATE: 7/30/14 8:50am PDT

Good morning, everyone. We're continuing the monitor the payment issues that are happening when trying to purchase the Plague Quarter. Rest assured our technicians are on the case.

In addition to the issues mentioned below, we wanted to let you know of other issues that we're also aware of. We don't have an ETA on these issues just yet, but our development team continues to investigate and are working towards a resolution.

  • In Game Shop closed intermittently
  • Double-billed for Naxxramas purchases
  • Being stuck or crashing while "Waiting for Authorization"
  • Naxxramas Wings are unavailable after successfully purchasing

Thank you for your patience, folks.


For everyone who had a failed transaction (gold or cash purchase), please check your Order History in Account Management and let me know what you see.

  • For failed purchases made by gold, the gold will be released back to you within 10 minutes or so.
  • For failed purchases made by cash on PC, the money will be released from your bank within 72 hours (per your financial institution's policies)
  • For failed purchases made by iTunes on iPad, the money will be reimbursed according to apple's policies.
  • For all cases where more than one purchase was successful (gold, cash, or iTunes), our development team continues to review and work towards a resolution for these.

We are able to see which accounts have multiple purchases that were successfully completed with the Plague Wing unlocked, so even if you haven't posted in this thread the resolution will be rolled out to you as well as soon as it's ready!


We are investigating cases where players are attempting to purchase the Curse of Naxxramas: Plague Quarter wing. Our technicians are on the case! To help aid their investigation, we'd like to collect some additional information:

    Cash or Gold purchase:
    Error received (if any):

To help keep data collection clean for our development team's research, off-topic posts may be deleted. Thank you!

Some players may also encounter Shop Closed messages when attempting to purchase access to Naxxramas wings, which we are also investigating.
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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any):The first failed tries I received a message that stated something about "Gold purchase failed". After a few more tries the authorization window showed up only to tell me later that the authorization failed.

I was at around 1200-1400 gold before trying to gain access and are now left with 0 gold and no access.

"Busy night, but there is always room for another" - Yeah, about that... :/
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Good purchase
Error: purchase failed

Lost the 700 gold I have been farming this week...
No access: the wing is still asking for payment...
Posts: 8
Platform: PC
Gold purchase: Gold prior i think i had 795 (I have 95 now)
When you completed purchase: 5-10 minutes after the wing was introduces to the European server. ( ~ 01:10, timezone +1)
About 40-50 Minutes ago?



Order #91612462
Ordered from: Jim on 30/7/2014 00:07

30/7/2014 Plague Quarter (Digital Purchase) 700 Hearthstone Gold 1 Complete 700 Hearthstone Gold

Still no access.
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Gold purchase - EU server- PC

It subtracted me 1400g due to the problem instead of 700g. The wing is opened now. So I lost 700g.

Thank you.
Posts: 1
Platform: PC
Cash purchase: 18 euros adventure pack (Europe server)
Completed purchase: Wed 30 Jul 00:08 CEST
I received both confirmation from Paypal and a receipt from Blizzard that the purchase was successful, however the second wing has not unlocked as of yet
No error ingame. I'm still being offered the pack as if I have not purchased it.
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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold

Error received (if any):

First two tries I got a "Gold purchase failed" message, telling me to try later.

After restarting client I tried purchasing it and got stuck in infinite "Waiting for authorization" screen.

Restarted the client after 15min, saw 700 gold deducted and when I went to shop screen there were two pop-outs: "Waiting for authorization" and "Items ordered: 1x Plague Quarter".

Restarted after few minutes and it looked like I got my gold back, however when accesing shop screen I still get greeted by an infinite "Waiting for authorization" sign.
Posts: 2
Cash Purchase
Error: Waiting for authorization, then Purchase failed

I tried to buy it a few times now, with cash. So far no receipts from iTunes and when I tried to purchase it again it said purchase fail, waiting for another transaction. Sadly the wing is still closed.
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Posts: 3
Gold purchase
Error: Waiting autorization and stopped. Restarted and my 700 Gold is gone, the second quarter is STILL NOT UNLUCKED!

Lost the 700 gold
Posts: 1
Gold Purchase - EU Server (PC)

It subtracted me 700g and now locked in "Waiting for Authorization" screen.

Any news?
Posts: 3
Cash or gold purchase: gold (get down from 1900g to 500g)
Error: Gold purchased failed, one time "authorization" then crash and lost first 700g, after relogging and few attemtps more - same thing, but I unlocked 2nd wing and lost next 700g. Situation 00:02 - 00:10, just after release, EU serv
Posts: 2
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): I had around 1450 gold lon my account and tried to purchase the quarter. Game crashed and once I got in again my gold was reset to 0 and no quarter open
Posts: 5
Spended 700 gold

stuck on the Authorization screen
Posts: 10
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): Stuck at "Waiting for authorization" for 1 hour.
Posts: 7
Gold purchase,
700 gold substratced from the account, and still locked
Error: Gold purchase failed
Posts: 18
Gold purchase on PC client
Stuck in "waiting for authorization" screen
relogged after several minutes of waiting
gold gone, no plague quarter
Posts: 1
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): Bought the wing with 735 gold. Then waited around 40 minutes for authorization. Restarted game and saw i still dont have access to the wing because i lost my 700 gold due to a failed purchase.

91605444 7/30/2014 Plague Quarter (Digital Purchase) 700 Hearthstone Gold 1 Queued 700 Hearthstone Gold
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Posts: 10
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): Stucked on "Waiting on authorization"
Posts: 1
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): Stuck at "Waiting for authorization" for some minutes,restarted, gold gone , quarter still not open:(
Posts: 2
I was at 3015 gold. I bought Naxx 2nd wing. There was "Waiting for Authorization" And a blue circle thing that indicated loading. So I went BRB for a while. I came back only to find it still loading, so I decided to restart.

Result: Wing wasn't unlocked but gold was gone.
Mac OS X

EDIT : When I try to buy it again : "Transaction in progress please try again"
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