Purchase Issues with Plague Quarter


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Gold purchase - EU server- PC

It take me 1400g instead of 700g. The wing is opened but I lost 700g.

Thank you.
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I had 1695 gold and payed the 700 gold so now im left with 995 gold.

I got stuck on the authorization pop-up .
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Gold purchase on PC
Stuck at waiting for authorization for about 20 mins
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Gold purchase on PC client
Stuck in "waiting for authorization" screen
relogged after several minutes of waiting
gold gone, no plague quarter
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Error: purchase failed

Lost the 760 (or 780 i dont know exactly anymore :-X ) gold I have been farming this week
No access: the wing is still asking for payment

PC Windows 7
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I cant even spend gold on this, it doesnt give me the option
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Gold purchase.

I have two successful purchases in my transaction history and have been charged 1400 gold. There were multiple authentication failures during purchase, evidently one of the previous purchases completed after it was reported as failed.
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Gold purchase on PC
Error: I had 12xx Gold and tryed to buy the adventure. After trying it a lot I reloaded the client and I found I lost all the money and the adventure was not purchased. I was talking with a spanish GM.
I suppose he could not solve this cause it must be some technical problem but he told me to reload. And suddenly i had 700G there again!
Gold purchase
Error: Yes, i tryed to buy the adventure again and I lost the money, i'm with 0 gold again.
Hope this get solved witouth having to put tickets.
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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any):I waited for the authorization screen to pass, after I tried it 2 times and failed prior to the 3rd time,and from 1620 gold I ended up having only 220 gold
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Gold purchase.
Error received: something about "gold purchase failed"for some reason but it waited 1-2 minutes until it gave it.

The wing is purchased but taxed me 2 times ... 700 gold lost from 3960 gold to 2560.
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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received:Waiting for authorization

Lost 700G and wing is closed.
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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any) bought the wing got cancelled 2 times than authorized and still failed after few minutes relogged and y gold was gone
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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): Game got stuck, i reloaded it, tried to buy it again and then it opened but took 1400gold, server EU.
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Gold purchase.
Red error message saying that payment had failed.
Re-tried and authorization timed out.
700G deducted from account.
No additional content added and unable to access Plague Quarter.
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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): I received a message that stated something about "Gold purchase failed".

I was at around 1400 gold before trying to gain access and are now left with 0 gold and no access.
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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): Had the same purchase failrure message 5-6 times, after that authorisation message popped up, i was waiting for about 10-12 minutes then i decided to relog..all of my 705 gold was lost! Wing is still closed
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Paid with 700 gold

The authorisation screen failed to complete and I received an error message

Logged out of battlenet

When I logged back in 700 gold had disappeared from my account
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Cash or Gold purchase: Cash Purchase, $20 USD, NA Servers
Error received (if any): None, whole adventure was purchased on opening day, all wings say purchased, but not opening up.
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Platform PC
Server EU
Time (12:02~ server time)
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold. About 2.2k Reduce to 0.
Error received (if any): First try i got an error couldn't complete the transaction at this time.
2nd Try i got the Waiting for authentication screen , waited then error again couldn't complete transaction.
Same 3rd and 4th time.
Gold was reduced after relogging.
Wing still not open.
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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error: purchase failed

I think i had ~895g, now I have 0.
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