Deathrattler/Aggro Druid on the horizon?

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All this talk about 'poison seeds' being so crap and situational got me thinking of how to maximise its potential. Surely we will see some funky new decks when we have all them new naxx cards available - and this might be one of them.

Combo heavy but perchance lacking on the burst side of it. Not sure but 'wrath' might be replaced with some 'mark of the wilds' to keep the momentum and as an extra trigger? And nourish vs lore keeper?? Replace something for some 'flesh eating ghouls'?

Feedback pls.


- poison seeds x2
- soul of the forrest x2
- force of nature x2
- power of the wild x2
- savage roar x2
- swipe x2
- wrath x2
- nourish

- nerubian egg x2
- haunted creeper x2
- undertaker x2
- loot horder x2
- leper gnome x2
- harvest golem x2
- cairne bloodhoof
- bloodmage thalnos
- baron rivendare

soul of the forrest + seeds.. with eggs and other death rattlers up - with a follow up 'power of the wild' or 'savage roar'. Sounds pretty juicy to me.
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I've been experimenting a lot with it too. My deck is more aggro and depends on the soul of the forest, poison seeds, and power of the wild combos, but it's been really good so far.

check it out:
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Just read up on your post. Looks interesting.

I'd switch my force of nature's for the molesting sergeants to lower the mana curve.
And perhaps drop nourish and cairne for 2x card greedy murlocks aswell.

I have yet to try it out though. Need the Undertaker's for some proper experimentation.
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