Missing Cards After Using iPad Version

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I seem to be missing almost all of my cards that weren't being used in a deck and were not basic cards I started with.

I noticed this problem after recently starting to use the iPad version of the game. I've checked using the desktop version of the game, and the cards are not in my collection. I also checked that the region is correct on both my iPad and the desktop version.

Also, I only noticed after I traveled to Asia and played on my iPad; however, I never really checked my collection after I started using the iPad version and before noticing after coming back from Asia. So the cards could have gone missing after I started using the iPad before I went to Asia, or they could have gone missing after I went to Asia and played.

I don't disenchant cards, so I couldn't have accidentally disenchanted them.

Is there anything else that I could do to fix the issue? Thanks.
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When you play in different regions, you don't keep the same cards.

If you have a US account, your account/cards from the US don't transfer over to Asia when you log into that region.

It doesn't work like that.

You need to log into the same account/region.
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I think I didn't describe my situation clearly.

I was physically in Asia for 5 days where I played on my iPad without changing the region setting.

After coming back, I noticed the missing cards and checked the region setting, which was correctly set to Americas on both my iPad and desktop versions.

I am using the same account for both ipad and desktop, and it's the same account as before. I can confirm that because the basic cards from leveling up the characters to level 10 are correct, as well as my total wins and arena wins.

So to recap, I wasn't changing the region setting; I was physically I'm Asia, if that matters any...

It's really frustrating because nearly all my cards are missing. Please help! Thanks!
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I guess to be even more clear, I am definitely logging into the same account and region as before.

I only noticed the missing cards after I started playing on the iPad.
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Does anyone have any other suggestions to try besides changing the region setting? I've already checked that, and it doesn't seem to be the problem.

Could a Blizzard tech support agent please comment on this? Thanks!
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Collections are account and region specific, so if you aren't seeing the cards on account x, then they must be on account y. One condition must be changed in order for cards to disappear. (The only other answer is someone disenchanted them from your account when you let them play (on purpose or because you share a system with a sibling) or you have disenchanted them yourself and simply forgot.)

Hopefully someone will see this and be able to help you out (usually it's because people have the same email name, but different email service), but you might want to submit a ticket as well since it would be a lot easier to discuss private information there.

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Thanks for the link! Every time I had tried to submit a ticket before, it had just lead me back to the forums...

I'm pretty sure the account is correct, because the characters are correctly leveled.

Also, I live alone, so I don't share my computer or ipad usage with anyone. That and the fact that my dust amount is what I expect it to be leads me to think that the cards weren't all disenchanted. (There's only about 1000 dust in my account and not really any extra cards that it don't remember seeing before)...
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