Using Prophet Velen = also use 1 Mind Blast?

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i'm building a Priest deck right now, and it's going to be similar (for the most part) to what Amaz and Trump run. the problem, though, is that i don't have 3,200 dust to craft Ragnaros and Sylvanas. the only non-Naxx legendary i have is Prophet Velen, and i have all of the Naxx legendaries that have been released so far too.

i was thinking of running Velen and Loatheb as a replacement for Rag and Sylvanas, but i'm wondering if it's worth it to stick one Mind Blast in there too. i know it's a dead card without Velen, but is it worth running one for 10 burst damage when i drop Velen?
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Pretty Much, i wouldn't run two though, two can be a problem with dead weight
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I've been using Velen/MB as my finisher and it's been working real well for me. Believe it or not if you are patient and control the board well, you'll find a lot of times they cannot remove Velen and you can wreck them even more the next turn (providing you didn't have them at 10 Health)
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Do you think people would have the brains to remove Pint-Sized Summoner played turn 9?

turn 10 -> velen double mind blast.
Alternatively no summoner needed with the coin.

I can't imagine any other way to utilize 2x mind blast, unless you don't mind throwing one out for 5 damage.

edit: wrong card name.
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Sorcerer's Apprentice is a Mage class card. but yeah, that would definitely be cool if there was a way to get both Mind Blasts on turn 10 without having to save the coin for the entire game.
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Yep - the Velen/MB combo is the way to go and it works often - a lot of people never see it coming. If you have a Smite in hand as well and wait until turn 10 you can throw out 14 damage in one turn and leave a 7/7 fattie on the board for the enemy to deal with.

Velen's not half as bad as people make him out to be IMO.

Also, Loatheb should be a decent enough replacement for Sylvanas, although I'd be more inclined to copy Zetalot's Prophecy Priest deck rather than Amaz's or Trump's because Zetalot is a Velen deck player (he doesn't play Rag at all). If you watch some of his streams you can see how effective Velen can be when played in a good deck (although he's currently running a new Deathrattle deck which doesn't include Velen).
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I don't think Velen or Maxxy are even close to reliable enough to warrant replacing Rag/Windrunner

Rag and Windrunner may be RNG knobs, but it's practically impossible to get value out of Velen the turn you play him (unless it's turn nine and you fancy a pyro-blast for 2 mana, or a twice powered heal) and incredibly unlikely that he will live past that turn you play him. Still, with careful play he might be a good replacement (he's just far less reliable).

Maxxy is weird. Against most classes, she'll keep an empty board clear for a turn or two. If your opponent is ahead, however, I've found she just doesn't do enough. Against druids, I hope you like an 2/8 for 6. Against priest, it's practically a dead draw (or worse, Cabal fodder). Again, far less reliable.

TL,DR: Velen might work okay, but I'm not confident in Maxxy. F&S (and daddy thaddy) would probably be more efficient replacements, if you can find the slot for the two of them.

If you're awash in Naxx stuff, you could just make a mid-range priest until you get the gold/dust for the more expensive stuff. Spectral Knights, Loatheb, F&S, plus Dark Cultist, and (if you have them) Blademasters and soul priest with circle of healing make for quite the solid deck. I am not Amaz, though, so I can't say it will be as effective as his deck.
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what made you bring up Maexxna? there's no way i'm running that piece of crap lol.
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Oh wow, selective dyslexia

Somehow Naxx legendaries became Maexxna

Loatheb is much much better :p

I think I would sooner run S&L over Velen and mindblast, though. It's not that Velen is not worth it without mindblast, but he's fairly combo dependent regardless whereas S&L function as cost-efficient bodies (although S does to a much lesser degree) even without the combo death-rattle. When you already have to manage soul priest and cleric and blademasters, I think you'd be better off with more self-sufficient minions.

Plus, without his ability, Velen is just a War Golem :X
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thanks for the suggestion, i'll take that into consideration. at the very least, it seems like it would be fun to give them a test run.
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