Priest Deck Building Priorities?

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I've been slowly building up my f2p priest deck from packs/dust from arena runs. I used to run a Watcher style Priest since the first few packs I got gave me some Sunfury Protectors and Ancient watchers, but I found the watchers to be dead draws most of the time and the few times I did get the right combo it was easily killed by the typical zoo/aggro +attack Battlecry minions. I have been moving toward a combo deck resembling Zealot or Amaz type decks. When I'm weary of battling the meta I typically watch Trump, Zealot, or Amaz for inspiration haha.

The Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing and especially Wild Pryomancer + Coin + Power Word: Shield have been really effective in dealing with Zoo and other aggro decks like Face Hunter. When I get the combos I can usually make it to end game against aggro and win. Against other control decks my win rate is pretty high due to the Thoughtsteals and Mind Controls (stealing the control oriented legendaries I lack) and then using Shadow word Death. So my win condition has basically been not dying or stealing their win condition. I realize it's not the best way to go but given my lack of good legendaries, stealing them seems to be my best bet as Priest!

My biggest problems have been against mid range style decks that are faster than my control deck and lack the big game changing minions I can Thoughtsteal,.Mind Control, and Shadow Word Death. The 4/5+ minions are in abundance so I end up using Holy Fire for some of those threats.

My current deck is listed at the bottom of the post and I am looking for what cards I should craft next. I have been hovering around the 14-15 rank mark. I have about 400 dust saved up so I could craft an epic or some rares. I have been wanting to craft a Cabal Shadow Priest or possibly another Shadow Madness since the Nax expansion has added a few popular cards that are vulnerable to those types of plays. I currently don't have the gold to run through the Nax quarters. I've heard mixed reviews so far over cards like Zombie Chow, Dark Cultist, and Death Lord for Priest decks.

I've also thought about waiting and crafting a legendary in the far future. My only legendary is The Beast. I tried playing it in my deck but I found it usually gets ignored by the hoard of minions or gets killed fairly easily giving the hoard another 3/3. I usually only disenchant cards that aren't even remotely useful in constructed decks like Wisp. However, if I disenchant most everything not used in typical Priest decks I could probably craft a legendary but that seems extreme and would certainly slow the making of other class decks, although Priest is my preferred class by far (call me a sadist, but I like the play style and the challenge). I've considered a few legendaries such as Rag or Ysera that would help me have a more independent and reliable win condition for end game without resorting to stealing legendaries via Mind Control or going to fatigue. A Sylvanas would help for mid-late game though it isn't exactly a win card and is vulnerable to silence.

Also should I continue to focus on Arena or grind the gold for Nax? At this point I would have to unlock 3 quarters to catch up for a total of what 2100 gold? I have about 600 at this point so it seems quite a long way off to get things like Dark Cultist and Zombie Chow. I typically get about 4-7 wins in arena, my biggest win has been 11 and was so painfully close to my first 12 win run. I think it would be better to continue Arena and build a more typical deck before grinding the huge amount of gold it would take to unlock the Nax quarters?

Circle of Healing × 2
Holy Smite × 2
Northshire Cleric × 2
Power Word: Shield × 2
Shadow Word: Pain x 1
Sunfury Protector x 1
Wild Pyromancer × 2
Shadow Word: Death × 2
Thoughtsteal × 2
Earthen Ring Farseer × 2
Injured Blademaster × 2
Shadow Madness x 1
Auchenai Soulpriest x 2
Defender of Argus x 1
Holy Nova × 2
Holy Fire × 2
Mind Control x 2

Possible Available Substitutions include: 1 Azure Drake but most of my other existing neutral minions are a bunch of other cards not typically useful for Priest. I've been using Defender of Argus instead of the one Drake because I've found it more useful in getting board control after a run of Aoe

Not the greatest deck but I work with what I got. At the very least I can say I don't run Inner Fire and Divine Spirit (Well expect for when I Thoughtsteal those cards from other Priests!) Thanks. :)

So thoughts? I'm looking for the cards that will give me the most bang for my buck and increase that precious win rate against the meta!
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I would definitely put in the Azure Drake and make getting a second a priority. Outside of the clerics you don't have any card draw and those aren't always guaranteed to get you much. I'd also get a Cabal Shadowpriest, too. They're especially useful against zoo or aggro decks that tend to have a lot of small minions. The Dark Cultists are definitely worth having but since you haven't unlocked the other Naxx wings yet I'd hesitate to say it's worth more than doing arena/opening packs/collecting dust to grab the other two cards I mentioned. Still Cultists are almost Yeti-like in value. They're that good.
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Yeah the Dark Cultists are what I want most from the Nax expansion. Thoughtsteal has allowed me to use them on occasion and they are very useful! Although like you said the cost to get to that wing is pretty steep when there are still cards I need/want to craft.

I put the Drake back in to replace the Defender, card draw is an issue sometimes when I dont get good use out of the Northshire Clerics or when I'm not fortunate enough to get an early aoe combo to build card advantage. Although Defender has saved me quite a few times it is one of those cards that I see myself replacing. It is one of the last remnants of my watcher priest that my early packs guided me towards.
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I'm no expert at this game and am still trying to learn (my best result so far is rank 12 this season) so take what I say with a grain of sault.

/end disclamer

I think you should drop one mind control. Having two in the deck raises your curve too much and increases the chances of drawing one or both before turn 10 making them pretty much dead cards.
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Yeah mind control does tend to be a dead card if you get one early though that would also be the case of any high end game legendary like Rag or Ysera although they do come a few turns earlier. But If I do my job right, I survive to endgame and can use those mind controls which usually seal the win.

But granted I have thought about replacing mind control but there is nothing better than being able to take late game legendaries since my own cards are still very limited. Replacing the mind controls with Ogres or Temple Enforcers isn't going to do much against Rag,Ysera, Deathwing, etc. So until I get my own legendaries I'll have to suffer with the occasional mind control or two after mulligan haha.

I did end up crafting a Cabal Shadow Priest and replaced my Sunfury Protector and I have been using Azure Drake in replace of Defender of Argus and it's mixed feelings. Clearly Azure is a better stand alone minion with spell power and card draw, though Argus was always really good if I had board presence with my Injured Blademasters.

My next crafting priority is either another Drake, which is relatively cheap or begin the long process of saving up for my first crafted legendary.
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