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So my fellow stoners,

I have just started climbing the ladder for this season with my new priest MC deck. It consist of the following cards,

2 Power word: Shield (1)
2 Northshire Cleric (1)
2 Wild pyromancer (2)
2 Shadow Word: Pain (2)
2 Crazed Alchemist (2)
2 Acolyte of Pain (3)
2 Shadow Word: Death (3)
2 Twilight Drake (4)
2 Shadow Madness (4)
2 Holy Nova (5)
1 Stampeding Kodo (5)
2 Holy Fire (6)
2 Cabal Shadow Priest (6)
2 Argent Commander (6)
1 Cairne Bloodhoof (6)
1 Alextrasza (9)
1 Mind Control (10)

The upper side of this deck is that you benefit from your opponents creatures and many times they will not see it coming however you may find a lack of output damage and might also experience some problems with aggro hunters.

It requires some thinking from time to time, one should not understimate Crazed Alchemist for lowering attacking points in order to control the creature.

If you have any tips of cards that could be useful please give it away because I want to keep developing this deck.
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Remove the following cards: 2x argent commander, 2x twilight drake, 2x crazed alchemist, 1x pain, 1x death, 1-2x acolyte of pain, 1x alexstraza.

Add the following: 1-2x injured blademaster, 2x circle of healing 2x soulpriest 2x sludge belcher, 1-2x sunwalker, 1x ysera, baron geddon or rag or sylvanas, 1x mass dispel, 2x deathlord.

Learn to use wild pyro w. spells instead of just dropping it to get it backstabbed or soulfired. You have half a dozen effective board clears w. pyro soulpriest, baron, holy nova. That should get you to rank 1-10 w.o too much problem.
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