anyone mind looking at my rank 19deck?

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I don't really want to put any money into the game so i'm trying to use a noob yet affective deck
anyone have any thoughts on what I should add?

2x innervate
2x claw
2x mark of the wild
1x wrath
2x frostwolf grunt
1x master swordsman
2x nerubian egg
2x healing touch
2x savage roar
1x shattered sun clerk
2x sliverback patriarch
2x swipe
1x dragonling mechanic
2x se'jin shieldmaster
1x druid of the claw
2x frostwolf warlord
1x gurubashi berserker
1x maexxnu
1x ironbark protector
As I said not really trying to spend money but what do you guys think is most important for my next craft or cards I should add.
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I'd like to add i'm very new to the game.
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Cheap class cards- another wrath and druid of the claw. Some cheap general cards that are good starting off (and are still run in many advanced decks) are the earthen far seer and the harvest golem. Cheap to craft and effective three drops. The Far seer is a 3/3 drop that heals you or another minion 3 points while the harvest golem is difficult to kill off because of its death rattle and gives you 2 minions; the first is 2/3 and the second is 2/1 for a total of 8 for only a 3 drop.

My advice would be to go online and research some of the ramp druid decks out their and start using wild growth and bigger minions like the yeti instead of some of your tiny drops. The silverback is a substandard card as well as many of the lower ones you are using. Run another shattered sun clerk for your eggs. You will eventually need a force of nature to go with your roars. This is standard in all druid decks. Save up for that card and good luck!
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Sorry. Also other than your Wrath you have no card draw. You may want to add one or two of those.
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cool thanks man
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I've played about 90% druid decks since I've started and I'm currently rank 9 after playing about less than a month, I would not play Frostwolf Grunts. They are 2 mana for a 2/2 taunt sure, but there are just better drops for a two. Since you are lacking card draw I would say swap those for loot hoarders, and Ancient of Lores are just key in basically all druid decks, that should be a certain craft if you can afford the epic.
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2x keeper of the grove needs to be your next aquisition. It is a mandatory druid card that will help you significantly. 200 dust for the pair.
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Make a plan for: 2 Keepers, 2 Druid of the Claw, 2 Sunwalker, 1 Rag.
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That frost wolf grunt is straight swag you can get to rank 5 with that alone.
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Me and my friends have a joke when we see Silverback Patriarch being played (in arena at least).

Omg, he put down Silverback Patriarch!


As in, it's such a terrible card so don't play it xD
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Hmm, here's my suggestion:


-2x Frostwolf Grunt
-1x Master Swordsman
-2x Silverback Patriarch
-1x Dragonling Mechanic
-2x Frostwolf Warlord
-1x Gurubashi Berserker


+2x Wild Growth
+2x Chillwind Yeti
+1x Shattered Sun Cleric
+1x Ironbark Protector
+2x Boulderfist Ogre
+1x Starfire

But like what they said, if you can craft and have dusts, add these guys in:
1x Wrath - 40 dust
1x Druid of the Claw - 40 dust
2x Keeper of the Grove - 100 dusts each

Then try to save 700g for each Naxx wings. You would want to add some really good cards from it like:
Sludge Belchers
Spectral Knights
Echoing Ooze
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Pretty solid advice there.
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