Building up a Druid Ramp w/ these weird cards

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I just started the game a week ago, and have been insanely lucky in the first 10 packs I opened, I think both in terms of the quantity of rare cards and the particular key commons. So I have a weird mix of high rarity cards and am wondering about the path to building a solid druid ramp with them.

Here is my initial deck list. I chose token generator cards over things like ooze to die with cult master.

Minion (20)
1x Sylvanas Windrunner
1x Ancient of Lore
1x Stampeding Kodo
1x Acolyte of Pain
1x Cult Master
1x Druid of the Claw
1x Spellbreaker
2x Chillwind Yeti
2x Ironbark Protector
2x Murloc Tidehunter
2x Razorfen Hunter
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
1x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
2x Haunted Creeper

Ability (10)
1x Naturalize
2x Starfire
2x Swipe
1x Claw
2x Innervate
2x Wild Growth

Yea, so I have really been lucky with Sylvannas and Ancient of Lore being in the first few packs I opened. I basically put Sylvannas in everything I have now. Other possibly usable expert cards I have are Ironbeak Owl, Faerie Dragon, Sunwalker, Youthful Brewmaster, Earthen Ring Farseer, Dark Iron Dwarf.

I think 2x wrath and 1 more druid of the claw are obvious replacements, but am still unsure if I should save my meager funds of 130 dust or just buy them. Anything else?
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Hi there, you dont have enough high cost minions to warrant a ramp deck.

Perhaps this is better suited to a token or combo druid deck?
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