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Dear Blizzard,

I love this game and do not foresee myself quitting any time soon. It's pretty balanced and fun, with room for ample creativity (to a certain extent... truly competitive decks are still a little pigeon-holed). I've played a while now and am pretty good at it - which I only mention because I don't want people to read this and think I'm just some new kid griping because he keeps losing to mages.

In constructed-deck play, mages are fine. You can get plenty of synergies going within every class that make your deck hard for mages to deal with. So when I drop my bluegill warrior on round two with a hunter, I get to watch him hesitate as he agonizes over his decision to ping it to death or get something on the board. It's a tough call, because he knows I've got a rush deck going, and if all he ever does is keep the board clean he'll lose by turn 6. I'm affecting the game, and it feels good.

The problem is in arena. While arena is a blast and I love it, the nature of the beast is you can't get synergies going nearly as well. I can't really draft a rush deck. To some degree I can try, but I'm going to get some cards that don't fit, and otherwise bypass stronger cards for weaker ones simply because they fit my theme. All in all, not a viable strategy. Not a huge deal, arena's still fun, but you have to rely much more heavily on individual card strength. Herein lies the problem with the mage; she has just too many cards that are killer on their own. Frostbolt only costs 2 and knocks out many minions that take 3 or 4 mana to drop. Fireball costs 4 and is negating minions that cost me 6 to get out. Then you add in the hero power to even further fine-tune the out-valuing domination, as it severely reduces the strength of divine shields and certain death rattles. Then there's Flamestr... ugh. I don't even want to start on that card.

Anyway, repainting the same situation in arena play, mage vs. hunter, hunter drops bluegill on round two, mage's turn... yes it depends on the hand what you do, but just pinging it to death is a pretty strong play here in arena mode. You're trading the 2 damage you already ate to be up a card and have no real fear of this deck being organized enough to kill you any time soon.

But, you guys play the game too, it's not like you need me to tell you playing mages remains frustratingly non-interactive. You've been there... pretending like your choice between dropping bolderfist or sunwalker is an important decision, deep down knowing either one is getting polymorphed.

Anyway, the humblest and subtlest of suggestions, pluck out some of these cards that stand so well on their own and simply up the rarity of them. It doesn't change anything within built-deck games (which doesn't need changing in my personal opinion), but would at least make the hopelessly OP mage deck a rare encounter as opposed to a commonplace one.


Everybody Who Has Ever Played This Game
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Man, nothing? I thought this was a well thought out comment and nobody has anything to say...

(I promise this will be my only bump)
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Well I agree it's not the usual vitriolic rant, so I'll bite...

1. Arena is "balanced" by the random nature of it. For the sake of argument we will assume Mage is truly and consistently overpowered in Arena. Well, long term you will have as many chances to play Mage as everyone else does so it's fair in that regard.

2. There is validity in the argument that cards like Flamestrike and Fireball are too strong in Arena given that a Mage is likely to have at least two and maybe more, and yes that could be alleviated somewhat by adding a rarity to it. However, you can't single out Mages. If you add rarity for the purposes of Arena draws to the basic Mage cards you have to do so to those of the other eight classes. Since you mention you played Hunter, are you also okay adding rarity to Animal Companion, Kill Command, Multi-Shot, etc? Maybe you are, maybe you aren't, but you have to do it for all or do it for none.
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I drafted hunter the other night and drafted 3 buzzards and NO UTH.

Moral: things are tough all over cupcake. Stop drafting 4/1 minions.
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So basically, Blizzard should change the whole class because you can't deal with it? I have hard time dealing with warriors and hunters, so should Blizzard change them as well? I don't understand this state of mentality: something isn't going the way I want it so fix it. Mages are having hard time surviving in the meta. And no, Blizzard should not touch them (anymore). Learn to counter them, don't complain about them. But hey, at least you're not b*tching like some do.
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Arena is pretty hard to balance.... that's hell. Have to redo the whole classes to balance but will that affect constructed?
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Blizzard has never really believed in balance, imo. They believe in rock-paper-scissors-fireball.

All they do is rotate which one is 'fireball' that trumps the other 3.

Like in ranked right now, they just threw a huge buff to hunters again and basically made them free vomit-cards for the win play against almost every matchup....

Don't get me wrong, they make changes...but they avoid making the obvious balance shifts in favour of really broken crazy things, just to avoid doing the obvious.

Ragnaros is the easy example... why does he attack at end of turn instead of start? Easy fix... a billion posts about him being imbalanced, RNG, broken, yada yada... they won't do that change because it's obvious, and balanced.
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