Sharing is Caring..Mage Deathrattle.

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My take on the Mage Deathrattle deck. Seems to be suiting me just fine so far. Winning far more games than I'am loosing with it. Thoughts and opinions welcome.

Leper Gnome x2
Undertaker x2
Zombie Chow x2 (personal pref, replace with exploding Ghoul if you like)
Frostbolt x2
Loot Hoarder x2
Harvest Golem x2
Fireball x2
Polymorph x2
Baron Rivendare
Sludge BElcher x2
Blizzard x2
Cairne Bloodhoof
Flamestrike x2
Ysera (It was her or Rag, experimenting a bit)
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Nice, I have a deathrattle mage deck as well but cant really get it past rank 15.

I have all those cards except Kel, Cairne, Ysera, and Counterspell.

Basically I would use Spellbender (i think thats the name, secret that intercepts single-target spells with a 1-3 minion) instead of counterspell.

What would you suggest as alternates for Kel, Cairne, Ysera?

In my deathrattle deck I was also using Knife Jugglers, the off chance of you getting 3+ jugglers on the board using duplicate and a harvest golem/haunted creeper death is too fun.

Also, no mad scientist for your secrets?

Thanks :)
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@Spaceduck: what rank and on what server are you playing this deck?

Thanks in advance.
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Currently rank 14. The day I started this thread, I had just started ranking up from the bottom.

My work week has started so not much time, will be spent ranking up. I teeter between this deck and a shaman variant.

No Mad Scientist, because I have only two secrets. The counterspell has helped me out it's fair share, I mainly try to hold onto it until around turn five or six. This way it can hopefully catch AoE if I have a sweeping board advantage, or snipe a hard single target removal.

I'am still tinkering with the Deck as well. I'am going to start ranking again tomorrow before work, maybe a little after.
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