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So I've had recent trouble playing as a Druid, possibly due to the fact that ranks 15-10 are 70% hunters in my experience. I'm currently rank 9 and I've been a bit stuck, losing to control warrior (which I play as well). I generally play Druid 80%+ of the time in ranked.

Deck List:
2 Innervate
1 Mark of the Wild
2 Wild Growth
2 Wrath
1 Bloodmage Thalnos
1 Healing Touch
1 Big Game Hunter
2 Harvest Golem
2 Swipe
2 Keeper of the Grove
2 Sen'jin Shieldmasta
1 Nourish
2 Druid of the Claw
1 Faceless Manipulator
1 Fuegen
1 Stalagg
1 Cairne
1 The Black KNight
2 Ancient of Lore
1 Ancient of War
1 Ragnaros
1 Alexstrasza

I can also add reasons of why playing some certain cards that generally don't see much play in Druid decks anymore.
Thanks for any responses!
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Feugen and Stalagg are too slow for beating hunter - replace with 2 Sunwalker.

Then find a way to add 1 Spec Knight and 1 Loatheb. (drop Alex?)

Keep the Healing Touch, the ancients, and your nourish.

That should do it !!!!!
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I find that my golden Alex has a certain surprise factor in some games but I'll definitely find a way to work in some of the suggestions.

Thanks for the advice!
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Going to sound crazy here but possibly add in some pryos they do work with the aggro decks. Agree with the sun walkers. I currently have a demolisher in my deck might sound strange but if you get that out early insane value and i also run mark of the wild x2 i am rank 8 but i would be higher if i didn't play casually :)
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