Legend Ramp Druid

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Decided to share my legend deck with you guys. C:
Rank: http://i.imgur.com/qvl1QY9.png ( pls ignore my arena stat )
this deck is an all around consistent deck with answers to almost everything your opponent can throw at you.

Innervate 2x
mark of the wild 1x
wild growth 2x
wrath 2x
healing touch OR bgh ( hunters, meh ) 1x
savage roar 1x
Harvest golem 2x
swipe 2x
keeper of the grove 2x
sejin shieldmaster 2x
druid of the claw 2x
loatheb 1x
sludge belcher 1x
force of skill 1x
cairne 1x
sunwalker 2x
the black knight 1x
ancient of lore 2x
ancient of war
ragnaros the rnglord 1x

most of the time you want to Mulligan for wild Growth, innervate, and a low cost creature such as senjin or harvest golem.

Loatheb combos :

mage - turn 7 flamestrike or t10+ alextrasa burst
druid - t9 force of skill
hunter - t5 unleash the skill + buzard
rogue - t4-5 sth goblin

Possible replacements:

Cairne : sludge belcher
The Black knight : spellbreaker, big game hunter, poison seeds (lol no)
Ragnaros : ancient of war, cenarius, kel thuzad
Harvest golem - shade of naxxramas
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card draw was never an issue or just an occasional meh
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I run pretty much the same deck only i have double sludge over a sunwalker and i didnt think loatheb was so good for this deck and replaced it with a faceless,am i wrong???(i played Harrison for a while in that spot too)
I thought i was being dumb cutting out a AoW but as you said deck feeled consistent and the curve looked better.Atm i took out mark of the wild and running bgh and healing touch in those slots
I also tried out KT but i still prefer Rag even tho KT is out of bgh range and all that,Rag can turn a game around while KT felt only useful if you already had the upper hand.

Anyway thanks for sharing the deck and congrats on that crazy legend rank. I'm rank 2 atm so i can confirm this deck is doing well on ladder as well.
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Thanks for posting this.

May i ask, is it a little light on card draw?

I usually play a Nourish, (very underrated card, great for fishing out stuff like BGH when you need it) plus Thalnos to speed up the card draw a little.
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