2 Innervate
2 Power of the Wild
2 Wrath
2 Haunted Creeper
2 Loot Hoarder
2 Nerubian Egg
2 Savage Roar
2 Harvest Golem
1 Poison Seeds
2 Soul of the Forest
2 Swipe
1 Baron Rivendare
2 Defender of Argus
1 Loatheb
2 Sludge Belcher
2 Ancient of Lore

No Force of Nature because there is no need to *make* board presence when you always have it. Defender of Argus is here for the times where your opponent would rather hit your face than deal with your sticky minions - now they have to. Baron Rivendare works so well with Nerubian Egg and Sludge Belcher. Loatheb protects a developed board. Loot Hoarder, Ancient of Lore and Bloodmage Thalnos is the perfect amount of draw power this deck needs - not too little to run out of steam, but not too much to sacrifice board control. I have tested running 2 Poison Seeds but it is honestly too much, even in this deck. Tell me what you think :D I remember testing this sort of deck in the first week of Naxxramas but now it actually works - even at Rank 3 :)

Edit: Here's a pic if you'd like: http://3.ii.gl/8-d_QgBi.png
Edited by xBobz on 8/23/2014 10:45 AM PDT