how can i beat a hunter as druid?

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i just stuck in rank 2 cuz there is 8hunter out of 10 match and i lose about 90% i try evry deck but its just didnt work at all...
im kind of done with this game since blizzard fix this broken class
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You're doing well to stay in rank two if you lose 72% of your games. It is a very difficult match up for Druids I think. When I play as a hunter I seem to do worse against token, weirdly enough. If you don't pull UTH you get overwhelmed and lose. I might give it a try myself, the Naxx cards like Echoing Ooze and Haunted Creeper will fit in well.
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If you're playing ramp, swap your golems for Unstable Ghoul, add a Healing Touch and make sure you have decent card draw (add a Nourish if you need to).

Then just throw down taunt after taunt until he runs out of kill commands and hunter marks.

Silence the Savannah Lion.

If you can get a big taunt to stick, faceless it.

Ragnaros or KT for finisher.
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Tough matchup because it is easily for them to flood the board even if you dont have minions. When you do,they remove with hunters mark.

Best way i guess is to try to get use minions that stick easily like the spiders, golem, belcher and use perhaps ooze with mark of the wild Get enough out there to putt a mid game FON combo with innervate.

There really isn't a great way, hunters good against all classes pretty much. Just have to get the right draws.
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ty for helping but its not working at all im done with this game gl
gj blizzard
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I'm rank 5 but my win streak vs hunter has gone way up with just some changes to my deck. I'm winning over half of my games with them. I'm only really weak vs rogues because I don't run a Loatheb.

Mainly Senjin has been the real work horse.

I run an iron beak owl and use that to silence any mad scientists. I use my swipe if I have it to remove the first animal companions. If I don't have that I use my keeper and just throw him on the field to catch ice traps. I have black knight/silences for any houndmaster tanks.

After that I try to get my senjin/sludge belcher/or spectral knight out into the field. Follow that up with 2 sunwalkers

My finishers are Ragnoras/Sylvanis/Cenarious/Ragnoras/Kel Thuzad (it's a super ramp deck)

I didn't really change my play style but I was losing hard until I subbed a yeti for a senjin and it made a world of difference.
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kel thuzad is hax against hunter if you can play it. Nothignn like using your 5/5 minion to take out a highmane and have it summon back.
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For Hunter you have to play the board with a bit of patience. Earthen Ring Farsser, Sludge Belcher, Senjin Shieldmasta and even Ragnaros might even pose a threat if played right. Zombie Chow might help if you have trouble controlling the board early on.

Always test which trap they have by attacking one of there minions, the damage trap wont go off unless you attack the hunter. Easiest way to beat hunter is board control with enough damage to make them waist cards on trying to get board control back. If you blindly toss out minions you give Hunters too many options and set yourself up for bad situations.
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highmane lion is the main problem hunters just delay the game by haunted creeper and others till turn 6 and its coming then gg if u kill the first one with silnce u cant deal to the second one the only deck that is have better chance against hunters is token i think...
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Watcher deck. See my in this forum.
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