I am looking to improve on my long-standing Mage deck. I do not go into Ranked play much (enough to hit Rank 20) due to lack of Legendaries, but here is the deck as it stands:

Arcane Missiles x2 [1]
Mana Wyrm x2 [1]
Arcane Explosion x1 [2]
Frostbolt x2 [2]
Acidic Swamp Ooze x1 [2]
Kobold Geomancer x2 [2]
Sorcerer's Apprentice x2 [2]
Arcane Intellect x2 [3]
Counterspell x1 [3]
Duplicate x2 [3]
Fireball x2 [4]
Polymorph x2 [4]
Orge Magi x2 [4]
Sen'jin Shieldmasta x1 [4]
Water Elemental x2 [4]
Azure Drake x2 [5]
Blizzard x1 [6]
Flamestrike x1 [7]

I do have Alex, though without the other combo cards to pull off the Freeze Mage such as Thalanos and Antonidas (and also due to the general hatred of that deck) I feel no use for her in this deck. The secrets I just added today (took out my Dalaran Mages and a Tasdingo to make room, and that still seems to work). Still, I would like to make some improvements but I don't know what I can remove.

Advice would be appreciated.