The case for Starfire [Ramp Druid]

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There are many juicy 5-health targets these days, and as I see it, Starfire can be an alternative to trading a minion you already have on the board.

E.g. you have Druid of the Claw on board (4/6) and opponent plays Fire Elemental (6/5).

Usually, you can run the dotc into the fire elemental and use Wrath or Swipe to finish it off. But since you needed to trade a minion and use a spell, you lost some tempo that turn (since you can only follow up with a smaller minion).

Or... you could starfire (kill the Fire Elemental), keep the dotc on board, and draw a card. No loss in tempo, and you drew a card.

Should work well vs: Fire Elemental, Savannah Lion, Sludge Belcher, Yeti, Sunwalker without shield, TBK... plus you can use it for face damage as a finisher.

Has anyone tried this (and at what rank) - and how did it go?
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I've had it played against me, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't (really slow). But Starfall is much better because you can use it to wipe pesky aggro decks.
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Well it's the draw-a-card aspect of Starfire that interests me most, even though Starfall has the aoe option and costs 1 less mana.
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I play a Starfire. It's in the deck I posted last night.
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Starfire is great value (deals with a big threat, draws a card), however the problem with it is it's just a one shot deal and there are a ton of awesome 5 cost creatures in the game,in fact there are more amazing 5 drops than 4 drops currently.

For example Azure drake draws a card as well, but also comes with a 4/4 creature and spell power and considering 99% of druids run 2 Wraths and 2 Swipe you can argue it's way better. Apart from creatures having more long term value than 1 shot spells, there's also the argument that as a ramp druid you shouldn't be getting out-creatured by the opponent, Fire Elementals tend to fizzle against Ancients of War or Lore, so as a ramp druid if you're packing spells you should be using it to deal with creature swarm decks like tokens or zoo.

Anyway IMHO there's no right or wrong answer as the card is a really good one, but personally I don't run them in my ramp deck.
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08/25/2014 01:06 PMPosted by roslolian
For example Azure drake draws a card as well, but also comes with a 4/4 creature and spell power and considering 99% of druids run 2 Wraths and 2 Swipe you can argue it's way better

I run 2x Drake, 2x Wrath, 2x, Swipe, and 1x Starfire. When you don't have Force of Nature, you find room for such things. :p
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I ran starfire for quite some time - generally finishing at rank 3.

If you aren't running drakes or nourish, it is a good value card due to draw.

with poison seeds though I switched to starfall for the convenient potential board clear, and overall versatility
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I'd rather run Starfall over Starfire due to starfall's utility, although Starfire can hit the face which is one thing that Starfall can't do.
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I prefer starfall as well. The versatility and damage per mana makes it better in most scenarios. I run 1 copy of it. Currently at rank 3.
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I run 2x Starfire in my Nerub'ar Brick Wall ramp decks. The Nerub'ar Weblord and Unstable Ghoul allow me to save my Wrath for later quite often, which gives me enough flexibility in the mid game board trades without falling behind to run 2x Starfire for the late game.

Just as I am about to run out of steam, I get my 2nd wind with Starfires and AoLs. Also, I don't run Azure Drakes due to having Nerub'ar Weblord in the deck, so the mana-for-card-draw of Starfire is especially nice.
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