Hunters a bit overpowered?

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I've been doing practice mode and for each class I've been able to take them down on the first try except for the hunter. I tried with the mage about 5-6 times and never got him below 10 health, with the rogue didn't get below 20.

Granted I'm pretty new to this game and still figuring stuff out, but overall so much direct damage, 2 for 1 minions with really good mana cost value, beasts with synergy (the turtle + beastmaster that gives it +2/+2 and taunt or something like that is just ridiculous)

Anyone else running into this issue?
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I ended up beating it with the Paladin, but it was still a very long battle (went ~13 rounds and I was near death)
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I'm going to say that I'm still learning the game just like everyone else. I may even be a bit behind everyone else because I've never played a CCG before, so this is all new to me.

I started with the Mage of course but got owned pretty badly. Once I opened up Warlock I began working with Guldan, same deal. With experience and some deck changes I'm winning about 50% of my games versus other players with Mage & Warlock.

But once I started with the Hunter...OMG! I've been wrecking faces with the Hunter! I hardly ever lose with the Hunter and generally only to people who clearly seem to know what they are doing. Hunter can throw soo many Beast minions at you so quickly, and keep buffing them up that they are very difficult to handle!

If you dont watch out Hunters will put you on the defensive early and keep you there, and once they do its soo difficult to bounce back from. If youre playing against a Hunter, my advice to you is have a lot of fairly low cost minion cards in your deck, preferably with Taunt. Shoot down his minions as fast as he puts them up and prepare for a long game.

I think that if you go for pressure on his hero too early, and allow him get that Wall of the Wild going, youre in big trouble. I dont know enough to say whether they are OP, but they are certainly strong.

- Cap
"You dont stop playing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing."
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Mass removal spells/minions and fattys with taunt (the Abomination is both) seem to be your best bet against beast swarm decks.
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I'm not in the beta so i can't really give straight ansvers how to beat the AI enemy but i'll give few tips how to beat Hunters in general. These guidelines are mainly against Hunters that use Beasts. Hunters that don't use Beasts work completely differently, but it's easy to spot which kind of Hunter it is by the early Minions.

1) Hunters have few key Minions. The highest priority on the game should be shutting down these minions. Scavenging Hyena and Starving Buzzard are the minions that you need to take down when they hit the board. From these Starving Buzzard is the highest priority if the board isn't filled with Beasts already. Good thing that both of these Minions only have 2 health, so any removal that can target with 2 damage or 2 damage AoE will take care of them. Also Silence will make both of them just normal 2/2 Beasts. Silence in general counters Beast synergies and buffs really well. It's good to remember that Silence removes the +2/+2 and Taunt from Houndmasters ability. This should be priority number one if you see the Hunter playing Beasts. There is no overkill when dealing with these cards.

2) Hunter has really limited Card Draw. You you manage to trade cards beneficially, you should be sailing smoothly at the later parts of the game. Taunt Minions and AoE attacks keep the cheaper Beasts in check. Save the AoE cards for 3 or more Beasts and you really pull ahead on card advantage. Big Taunt Minions can be played at any time, but preferably when you have at least one other minion on the board. This way he can't use Deadly Shot reliably and the Hunter has to trade with the Taunt Minion.

3) Learn to work around Traps. If you know nothing what the Trap is it's usually beneficial to try to attack the Hunter first with the weakes Minion you have on the Board. This will trigger Freezing Trap, Misdirection and Explosive Trap. If nothing happens, you know it's either Snake Trap or Snipe. Remember to play something cheap next so you can see if it's a Snipe or Snake Trap. Now you know what the Trap is. If it's left as a secret, you should avoid attacking his Minions untill you have AoE damage that can take care of the three 1/1 snakes. This is expecially crucial if the Hunter has Scavenging Hyena or Starving Buzzard on the table.

4) Hunter has really limited amount of AoE. Only board wide AoE is Explosive Trap and it only does 2 Damage. Other good AoE is Explosive Shot. This does damage to three Minions that are next to each other. It's good to keep valuable minions on the different sides of the board so you can avoid him getting too much down with one card. One way to somewhat counter Explosive Shot is to keep your high Health minions on either side so the other part of the splash gets rendered useless if he wants to kill the high Health Minion. Because of the limited AoE you shouldn't have to keep back your spam of Minions if you have seen some Explosive Traps and Explosive Shots played already.

5) Hunters don't have healing cards. This is good to remember as every point of damage you get in stays there. Don't try to get in to damage trading competition. But if you happen to be ahead of Hunter in Health, go for the Hunter. If you can force him to trade Minions you are in great shape.

1) Don't let Scavenging Hyena and Starving Buzzard to stay on the board. Power in Beasts usually focus on one Minions so save removal or Silence for them.
2) Hunters have really limited Card Draw. Trade cards beneficially and Hunters have hard time catching on. Taunt and AoE.
3) Learn how to work around Traps.
4) Don't fear to spam as much big minions as you happen to have. Hunters have limited amount of AoE and love it when they can take down your Minions one by one.
5) Hunters can't heal or get armor so any damage you get in is valuable.

PS: When i talk about Traps i mean the Hunter secrets... don't have time to correct the text. :)
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08/19/2013 11:18 PMPosted by CaptNice
You dont stop playing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing."

Off-topic but that's a very nice quote! :) Now, at 46, I can use it with my friends! :)
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After watching Wowcrendor's video I have a feeling that the original poster is right.

He was good as a warlock but he just wrecks face with Hunter.
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Hunter does seem pretty crazy
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Hunters are exactly like they are in WoW, a great beginning class, but fail more often as people start to understand the game.
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Hunters do well with their basic deck but as other classes unlock their spells and expert pack cards they tend to have all the right cards to wipe the board on a hunter beast deck pretty easy
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Shaman and Rogue players tend to screw me over hard, also Mage can be rough. I run a very beastly deck however and I lack a few key cards that would increase my options in a big way, I can't release the hounds or the OP owl yet:( Also I only have 3 trap cards total but luckily one of them is snake trap so that can really trap some players;)

I find myself playing either a very patient game or a very aggressive game depending on my opponent or my draws, the variety is refreshing, at least I'm not playing the exact same strategy all the time.
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Hunter is the only class I repeatedly lose to, no matter what I do or who I'm playing as. "Random Minion" is also, IMO, ridiculously overpowered.
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The way I have played my hunter depends solely on getting a good start most reasons I lose are from getting a terrible starting hand either that or from getting out minioned which is usually the case when playing against paladins or smart rogues a lot of rogues I have seen have all these weapons and spells and specific moves especially when they save there assassinate card for legendary cards I keep 4 of them all at different mana requirements most times a dumb rogue waists them on my nat Paigle and Illidan if my king Krush comes out in almost all cases I win the game by using him to finish them off or I bring out deathwing my biggest challenge is to get starving buzzard synergied with my snake trap and my Nat Paigle out with my starving buzzard. With those cards out its hard to lose especially if you got them protected I played a game where I used my hound masters to buff my starving buzzard up to 6/6 and they focused too much on trying to remove them.

Here is the key to beating rogues I get them to waist there spells or special moves because in most cases when I have the right card setup they have waisted all there health and specials. The easiest way is to get there health low early in the game because by the time late game comes to play its already too late, luck of the draw is key too. Many games I have won flawless victory because enemy is too focused on trying to remove my minions from the game and have not paid attention to there health.
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only thing i think is broken with hunters is theyre ability power. 2 damage per turn is too much for an aggro deck because more often than not, all a hunter has to do is make you deal with their pets while they just keep pinging you for pretty much free late game which is a ridiculous clock. I think it needs to be changed to "Give a beast +1/+1" which still falls in line with their current pet theme but doesnt push an overpowered clock ability.
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Hunters are indeed pretty strong!
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Hunters as a class are immensely overpowered. They have way too much control and their beasts are massively undercosted for what they do.
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I completely agree with this thread, I've been doing some online battles and the Hunters summon way too many beasts with + stats constantly. I had my opponent down to 10 health and I was doing really well, when mid game came around he just started wrecking me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
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I've been running into issues with the hunter decks as well. The minions seem to build up very quickly and the buff cards such as The Houndmaster make them difficult to take down. Perhaps increase the cost of the buff cards so the opponent can have a chance to take out some of the minions before it get overwhelming.
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I just started. Did the five games with the mage deck, and went right to the Hunter deck. Beat it the first time to unlock it. No problems from my end.
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I find myself losing to a strategy that is based around Unleash the Hounds lately and I think that this card is just unfair, giving all your beasts +1 and charge at 1 cost. What people do is get a lot of cheap beasts, stall you with traps, spells and taunts and when they have enough mana they play cheap creatures all at one. Especially if they play a buzzard first they are very likely to get the cards they need. Of course if they didn't get the cards they wanted they might be toast by late game but tracking makes it likely that they will hit the Unleash the Hounds card. Its not funny when you have been dominating the board and got your opponent to near death when that player takes away 30 health in one turn when he had no creatures at the start of the turn.
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