Here's my winning Warrior Deck Build

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I'm currently Gold Rank: 3 Stars and I typically go 8 out of 10 games in Ranked.

1 Cost:
- Grimscale Oracle x2
- Murloc Raider x2
- Murloc Tidecaller x2
- Shieldbearer x1

2 Cost:
- Bluegill Warrior x2
- Dire Wold Alpha x2
- Murloc Tidehunter x2

3 Cost
- Coldlight Seer x2
- Murloc Warleader x2
- Warsong Commander x2
- Frothing Berserker x2

4 Cost:
- Ancient Brewmaster x2
- Old Murk-Eye x1

5 Cost:
- Frostwolf Warlord x2

7 Cost:
- Stormwind Champion x2

9 Cost:
- Alexstrasza

10 Cost:
- Deathwing

Now let me explain the strategy...

For the first 1-5 turns, you want to focus on stacking Murlocs. If you didn't pull at least 2 Murlocs, scrap the entire hand and get new cards. Play the Murlocs early and often and hope you get "The Coin" so you can get them out quick. If you're stacking them well (or if you've run out of Murlocs due to an annoying enemy), you can use the Ancient Brewmaster to take back up the Coldlight Seer and get the Battlecry again next turn. Use the Dire Wolf Alpha (+1/+0 to adjacent minions) to your advantage since it's only a 2 Cost. The Frothing Berserker is amazing because it gains +1 Attack whenever any friendly or enemy minion takes damage (it stacks up quickly with this deck). Basically just keep the pressure on the enemy.

Mid-game, you'll want to try to maximize the Stormwind Champion (+1/+1 to everyone) and the Frostwolf Warlord (+1/+1 for each minion you have) to increase your damage output exponentially.

If you're up against a healer, don't worry about damaging him directly... just take care of the minions. Because... once you have 9 Gems, you can cast Alexstrasza , which sets the HP of either Hero to 15. That annoying Priest now has 15 Health when a moment before he had 30.

On the next turn (when you have 10 Gems), attack with Alexstrasza and then play Deathwing (clears entire board) to wipe up with a smile on your face.

Like I said, this strategy wins about 80% of my Ranked games... so feel free to use it to your advantage! :)
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PS. I know there are some Legendary's in here (the Dragons & Old Murk-Eye), but you can replace them with Core Hounds or something else equally as powerful. Just play around in Practice mode and see what works for you. :)
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Why is this deck build best suited to a warrior vs other classes?
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Murloc based decks can be done better with other classes. Warlocs can simply use their Hero Power to draw more cards as you are playing really cheap cards. Druids have some nice AoE Buffs, Card Draw, normal Buffs and their Hero Power can be used to control the board so that your Murlocs wont be killed by enemies small drops. Rogues work really well with Murlocs too as you can use Conceal to actually make the Murlocs survive to the turn when you get the AoE Buffs going from multiple Murlocs and cheap spells to clear the board. Shadowstep is also really good with some of the Murlocs. Coldblood is also something that can catch your opponent off guard.

All of those three classes also have better board removal than Warriors. Running too many Minions makes you really weak against AoE damage and Taunt minions. Also your deck suggestion has next to no Card Draw. Coldlight Seer is actually rather bad card as your opponent just gets more ways to get rid of your board position.

IMHO Warrior isn't suited to run Murlocs that well as they have next to zero buffs to them. You might want to try other classes as you really aren't running any Warrior specific cards. I personally like the Rogue way best, but Druid might be the most consistent as they have access to really good spells for Murlocs.
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I've tried this build with all the classes, and the reason the Warrior works best is simply due to:

1. His Hero Power gives +2 Armor which keeps you alive till turn 10 (better than healing for +2).
2. The Warsong Commander card (+Charge to all friendly minions at all times) is amazing.

The enemy is too worried about the Murlocs in the start to worry about the Warsong Commander, and I can't tell you how many times I've played a Murloc again on turn 4 or 5 and simply won the game due to the Charge effect.

Remember, the Dragons (turn 9 & turn 10) are if your enemy is also running a Murloc deck or if they're insistant about destroying your minions.

No matter what other class you think is better, I have the most success using this build on a Warrior over a Rogue, Warlock, Mage, or even Hunter.
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Yet the seemingly only viable murloc deck seems to be shaman from what I've seen, 1 bloodlust is all you need. Gotta say I am sitting same rank as you with only about 10 games played on my warrior deck and murloc rushes give me no issues. I also feel that warrior murloc deck isn't ideal though early game murloc a are popular wanting to find an actual warrior build that is better.
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I will say this as my final response...

My Warrior Murloc deck is the only deck where I've won a game on Turn 4 (going second w/ The Coin). It felt so good.
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I hear ya murlocs are good, yet I've won on turn 4 as well with just 1 cruel taskmaster and worgen he didn't have a taunt out and was stupid not killing him granted so let me double rampage and inner rage it and gg.
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I've yet to win on Turn 3 though... I think 4 might be the earliest one could win. You definitely need "The Coin" to pull it off though.
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08/21/2013 11:56 AMPosted by PureLust
Yet the seemingly only viable murloc deck seems to be shaman from what I've seen, 1 bloodlust is all you need. Gotta say I am sitting same rank as you with only about 10 games played on my warrior deck and murloc rushes give me no issues. I also feel that warrior murloc deck isn't ideal though early game murloc a are popular wanting to find an actual warrior build that is better.

Warlock Murloc is very good also. It's kinda slower then the Shaman version but a lot more utility given to the Murlocs, like Summoning Portal, or the Amazing Blood Imp.
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Only 3 legendarys?
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did you just get lucky with early card pack legendaries or did you buy card packs? just curious cause getting those legendaries would not be easy by the time you are 3star gold
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You have to be extremely lucky with this deck, no way is it an 80% victory deck, because as you say if you don't get the 2x murlocs in the start hand you're screwed.

Also if you cop any of your higher level cards or non-murloc cards in your next draws you're stuffed.

Too unreliable this deck.
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my warrior build is
2 grimescale
2 murloc raider
2 bluegill
2 knife juggler
2 tidehunter
2 coldlight seer
2 frothing beserker
2 warleader
2 warsong commander
1 mortal strike
2 defender of argus
2 korbron elite
1 leeroy
1old murk-eye
2 argent commander
1 ghorhowl
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You may have a bit of a flawed strategy regarding the warsong commander that gives the charge buff. Whenever I see that card dropped down I make it a priority to remove it as I know that if given the chance he can make all the 3 attack minions be a pain in the !@#.

I don't really know who in their right mind leaves that card on the field after it gets dropped, but the deck itself is pretty interesting.
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I know for a fact that a mage murloc deck is also pretty nasty. The extra options for drawing cards is a good backup to get more murlocs down quickly. I've won many games on round 4 with this. And if you're taken into midgame the murlocs tend to get a bit weaker, but opponents are still focused on them. With a warsong commander, reckless rocketeer and some fireballs you easily bring em down low enough to burst them to pieces using the fireballs.

The problem with murlocs is that they are easily countered, you got to calculate that into your deck. Make sure you got enough backup to draw more cards and things to clear the board.

One thing for every murloc deck, in my opinion, coldlight oracle may be just another murloc, but do NOT use it :P It is helping your opponent to get rid of all your murlocs only to get one more murloc on the board. You'll have enough firepower leaving that one out.

On the discussion to use murlocs in a warrior deck, I say no. I've tried multiple decks including the one suggested here. It's a huge no, sorry. They all lack the power to reign the opponent since it is too easily countered.

Oh and if you want to win on round 3, try the druid on a murloc deck ;) Low chances of winning, but I've won a few on round 3 thanks to the extra mana cards.
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