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08/25/2013 03:37 AMPosted by FunkyFritter
Stealth is weaker than most other abilities, that's why the stealth creatures have better stats than most other ability creatures.


And while Stealth isn't strong by itself, Conceal (the stealth ability unique to the Rogue class) is extremely powerful. Since you can't buff stealth without buffing this, too, it doesn't seem like a good idea.

The only problem with stealth is that it lets "Hit two minions" abilities target them.

Those might not be direct-targeted abilities, but they're not true AoE. They flat out can't be used unless there are at least two minions in the field. If one of the minions is supposed to be stealthed - how does it get hit?
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Stealth is very balanced when compared to the rest, other than +1 spell power and draw card battle cry/deathrattle. Stealth can only be broken by 3 sources, damage delivered by battle cry, damage delivered by death rattle and aoe spell cards. These three sources along with hero power, hero attack, minion attack, silence, direct damage spell cards and direct damage battle cries/deathrattles can get rid of divine shield.

When playing, I'd rather have a card with only 3 sources of counter play rather than 10.
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Stealth is op. When u meet with a stealthed flesheating ghoul or stealthed questing adventurer with a priest deck or any deck which has not much aoe, you are pretty much screwed. I meet a flesheating ghoul with 27 attack. It was not a fun game

Or do you want to deal with a stealthed malygos which is very hard to kill while dealing with an 8 damage crackshot. I imagine not.
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I am totally agree with random target spells like multi shot shouldn't hit stealthed targets. This is so annoying, especially while playing against hunters. It is like ''Hey dude i ll do 2 random shots against your stealthed minions, lets see will they hit. wow 2 shots 2 hits, i'm amazing.''

i think, atleast, random hit spells must have a miss chance against stealth targets
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