Stampede- a hunter deck

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yes, I know the name is goofy, deal with it.

Posting this here for anyone who wants to give it a try, maybe help me test an idea for it that I can't try because I do not have the cards.

For those with MtG experience, the deck is similar in design to Goblins/white weenie. It churns out a large number of creatures while buffing them and throws them in your opponent's face. I shall list all the cards I run in the deck, why I use them, and what I would replace them with(if any). Feel free to critique it as long as you keep it civil =)

I shall not post # of cards, since I run 2 of each.

Tracking, 1 cost hunter set card. This card is self explanatory, it lets you fish the top 3 cards of your deck for the most helpful card, possibly bypassing a few turns of bad draws. However, I might replace with Bestial Wrath if I can get it.

Unleash the Hounds, 1 cost common hunter. I cannot describe how powerful this card is. Gives all your beasts(every creature in your deck) +1 attack and charge. This card can end games late game with the help of another card, the starving buzzard.

Stonetusk Boar, 1 cost Hunter Set. Simple 1/1 charge. good for getting rid of small things, or other things after attack increases. Simple card.

Timber Wolf, 1 cost hunter set. 1/1 that buffs your other beasts 1 attack. People usually kill it, but it gives a nice power boost.

Young Dragonhawk, 1 cost neutral common. 1/1 windfury. This thing HURTS if it manages to hit your opponent and has buffs. unfortunately, smart opponents kill it asap. Replaceable if you have something else you would run, but easy to get otherwise.

Dire Wolf Alpha, 2 cost neutral common. 2/2 that gives the two minions next to it +1 attack. little less squishy version of the Timber Wolf, but more restricted in the buff.

Ironbeak Owl, 2 cost neutral common. Yes, I know almost everyone runs this, the card is just that good. 2/1 silence.

Scavenging Hyena, 2 cost hunter common. 2/2, gets +2/+1 for every beast that dies. This includes your opponents. This thing gets ridiculous if you can suicide some boars or other "throw away" minions into clearing the opponent's defences. Assuming it survives long enough.

Starving Buzzard, 2 cost hunter set. 2/2, draw a card when you summon a beast. This card is powerful, up there with the hyena in terms of "KILL NOW". Even letting you draw 1 card off it makes it worth playing it, but if you get any more than that, you have a very nice advantage.

Animal Companion, 3 cost hunter set. Summon a random companion, either a 4/4 taunt, a 4/2 charge, or a 2/4 that gives all your minions +1 attack. While it is random which you get, the game seems to like to give you the most beneficial beast at the time. I like it, but definitely up to personal choice on this one.

Kill Command, 3 cost hunter set. Deal 3 damage to a target, or 5 if you have a beast. makes for a decent way to clear out a taunter, or lets you just throw it in your opponent's face for the extra 5 damage to get a win. While I like this card, I'm unsure if other spells work better than it for hunter.

Emperor Cobra, 3 cost neutral rare. makes for a decent removal when you need it, and another minion to throw at your opponent when you don't. and at 2/3 it'll mean your opponent has to sacrifice decent power just to remove it from the table. Can be replaced with Hunters Mark if you want removal that doesn't have to personally hit something.

Tundra Rhino, 5 cost hunter set. 2/5 that gives your beasts charge. Might not seem like much at first, but when you throw down an entire field of beasts on the next turn, your opponent might wish they had killed it instead.

Savannah Highmane, 6 cost hunter rare. 6/5, deathrattle- get 2 2/2 hyenas. This...tends to get silenced rather quickly, as it tends to pose a big threat. combined with the Tundra Rhino, I tend to throw it at a taunter, taking both out, getting the hyenas that now have Charge, and swing with them, most likely buffed by wolves. usually this thing dying, without being silenced, is more beneficial than it being alive.

Core Hound, 7 cost neutral. 9/5 ....yeah, not much to say here. honestly, It's just something big so the deck can stand up against anything if the game lasts late. Would like to replace these with King Krush and The Beast, but do not have them.

Changes I would like to make to the deck, but do not have. replace the Core Hounds with King Krush and The Beast, and fit snake traps in.

Enjoy it if you want, critique it if you want, complain that it beat you in the face in 5 turns if you want(that has happened a few times). Just be nice about it =)

:Edit:: made it a tad more readable.
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Um,, Every hunter and their mother is using that set up pretty much.
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