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So I have been playing Warlock a lot again lately after having somewhat benched the idea competetively. But both MrBitter and Riisen's lists gave me some things to think about. Namely, the twisting nether & the two molten giants. My version of the warlock control saw many iterations, ie: twilight drakes, mountain giants, no battlecry heals, battlecry heals, + - mortal coils, etc.

Your points about spellbreaker were noted, and I also feel you may be correct in the case of this deck, but the owl in my opinion is a better choice for a lot of decks as he lets you silence, and still make a move that turn. Spellbreaker, while a bigger minion, IS your move a lot of the time because of his cost. But Spellbreaker has been good to me in here.

My thoughts on earthen ring farseer and voodoo doctor are that, and I have found, the deck can lose pretty bad to really fast hunter and rogue aggro, and I need some way to not only force a trade with my opponent, but at WORST, force a removal card, and slow down their tempo via the health gain. I am not often using life tap against these all in aggro decks, so it does help slow them down. More testing is necessary but It appears to help, moreso than other minion options presently.

I still am not convinced on the Gadgetzan as there aren't that many low casting cost spells, and I'm not about to run Sense demons and Gadgetzan combo so that I can get +1 card (-1 2 cards gadgetzan & sense for +2 demons +1 draw).

That said, I have tested a lot of different ideas lately, and finally settled on a successful build that has been working in Masters 3. Far better consistancy than the other warlock decks I've played thus far, or atleast resonates with my play style the most:

2 Twisting Nether
2 demonfire
2 Shadow bolt
1 drain life
2 hellfire
1 shadowflame
2 siphon soul

2 Spellbreaker
2 Voidwalker
2 Voodoo Doctor
1 Acidic Swamp Ooze
1 Wild Pyromancer
2 Earthan Ring Farseer
1 Defender of Argus
2 Senjin Shieldmasta
1 Abomination
2 Molten Giant
1 Jaraxxus
1 Ragnaros - This can be alextrasza or whatever you want, really (alex is prob better here, but I don't have one. Tried baron geddon, sylvanas, illidan - Ragnaros wins me the most games seemingly)

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If you want to play a real control deck, try 2 owls and 1-2 spell breaker on top. It's nuts how much field control you can build up that way, simply due to the fact that you get rid of every taunt or threatening effect minion immediately. Add in the spell cards, and your field presence is immense. Doesn't even need big hitting minions for that. Flame Imp helps a lot imo. Blood Imp is also decent, since it nullifies some of the AoE spell cards for certain minions. Not a fan of Vodoo Doctors. Not at all.
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Silence is likely your best counter to the Savannah Highmane. I'd be more concerned about Shaman however. I run a similar Warlock deck and, while I don't ALWAYS lose to Shamans, I've found them to be the hardest class for this deck to overcome.
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Okay! Honestly i'm 2 medals away from grand master 1, and i'm free to play. It's to simple of a game not to be good at it. No offense but if you're having a hard time playing against people maybe it's because your deck strategy sucks, or maybe you're playing badly.

Kids these days.. Complain about EVERYTHING.
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Okay! Honestly i'm 2 medals away from grand master 1, and i'm free to play. It's to simple of a game not to be good at it. No offense but if you're having a hard time playing against people maybe it's because your deck strategy sucks, or maybe you're playing badly.

Kids these days.. Complain about EVERYTHING.

I'm having trouble finding the comment that prompted this post, because it looks like a gross overreaction to someone stating simply that they have a bad matchup.
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I'm really enjoying playing this type of deck. Now, I'm newer (got into the beta about a week ago), so I don't have a lot of those awesome cards.. no Jaraxxus, no aboms, only 1 siphon soul, etc.

But what I've actually found works quite well is adding 2x Youthful Brewmasters (chosen over the Ancient because they are much cheaper). Especially late game, I can return Voodoo Doctors or Earthen Ring Farseers to my hand for extra healing; I run Argent Commander and I can bring him in for 4 damage, Brewmaster him back to my hand and then next turn its another 4 free damage with his divine shield. And, best of all, you can even Brewmaster a minion whom you've used Power Overwhelming on, attack and then return them to your hand no worse for the wear.

Anywho, it's far from perfect but it's relatively cheap (1 epic, 4 rares and the rest are basic or common) and I'm winning consistently at 2 Star Diamond. And even when I lose, it's generally a long drawn out affair that's very close.

http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/7226-warlock-control if anyone's interested, let me know what you think.
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This reminds me alot of the pyrosmith warrior deck its effective....
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I'm not a fan of the doctors either. People like to say that it is like getting a free card, but it really isn't. Would you willingly play a 4 mana, 2/1 that drew a card? No thanks.
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Wow, looks good from what I can see. After the wipe I'll be maining warlock and I'll definitely give the deck a spin and maybe make some changes where I see fit. I'll let you know how it goes.
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twitch/imls using a very similar deck that is pretty nuts (he's a card game/SC2 pro). However, he even uses 2 twilight drakes, 2 Mountain Giants, gets rid of the small middle tier minions and replaces with pure removal, and walla, you've got a deck that only removes and drops bombs while drawing cards from turn 4-10. I think he even plays with Ysera and the +5 spell power dragon. It's literally more than half epics and legendaries with no small creatures and all removal. Ive managed a 80% win rate, but he claims that hes got a 90ish% and according to Blizzards own internal ranking of % wins, he's #1 (don't know how to true this is). But I can tell the guy is good, and its the one deck that made me reconsider the best play style within Hearthstone and look into aggro/creature decks more, to see if the game is biased towards control/later game
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Snake, thanks for the tip, this deck is legit. Got in beta 2 days ago, was running a stompy Lock deck which was awful - Platinum 2 in a few hours with this deck. Only substitute was Loot Hoarder for Nat Pagle and don't have Sylv yet either.
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this deck is amazing, thanks for the suggestions. I am currently running with it missing only 1 Sylvanas and 1 Nat Pangle, but my win ratio is around 30/9. Power Owerhelming put on a strong Minion combined with Void Terror at the end of the turn is just a joke, so is Lord Jaraxxus. I have won like 20 games with Jaraxxus. Although once i got !@#$ed by my own strongest card.
It was a game against a priest.
He had 2 HP left i had 8
he had 1 card i had 4 with shadow bolt, Hellfire, and Mortal Coil and 1 Voidwalker.
his turn he got a card that copies two cards of my deck to his hand. he mindcontrolld my own minion with taunt
i used voidwalker and killed his minion.
His Next turn, He uses Lord Jarraxus, i was like ah cmon.
i lost in the end after that i got no luck with drawing either any monster, siphon soul, jarraxus even with hero power.
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I'm finding that ANY form of early rush completely annihilates this deck before anything can happen, and hunter is essentially a hard-counter. But I do like the deck.

I've gone 11-39 with it, I've also had extremely terrible rng with early double hellfires late mortal coils and jarraxus near turn 1 every time. I've also had turn 1 disadvantage for about 70% of the games.
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Hey fellas. Hey MrBitter.

I just built this deck, minus Alex. I agree the Questing Travelers synergize soooo well with the card draw of the auctioneers. In 2 or 3 turns of hiding behind a taunted mob one of my travelers went to like 13/10 it was insane. It was the most powerful card on the board and the game snowballed from there.

Good deck. I will be playing it and modifying it. I've already committed to Warlock so I need to find decks that win.
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For anyone struggling, this is, IMO, extremely viable in the current aggro meta, and has insane syngergy & versatility

Pretty sure anyone who's struggling is doing so because they don't have so many rare and epic cards to throw in one deck.
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I have been playing around with MrBitter's decklist and having a good 85%-90% winrate with it. That said, while my early and mid game is stable due to the heavy removal available in the deck, I can never find a good opportunity to get questing adventurer into play meaningfully. Thus, all QA is really good for atm is a removal dump due to his threat level.

Ironbeak owls are required for twilight drakes and other problematic minions like Savannah's and Tirions etc.

I actually think this is not the correct silence minion to use. Due to its 1hp it is easily removed, and the 2 damage it gives does not really bring anything to the table. If you are going to run silence, I'd recommend using Spellbreaker as its a 4/3 for 4 + silence. There is also the added bonus of him coming out the turn after Twilight gets played, not only negating the threat of Twilight but also giving you one of your own.

The gadgetzans seem really out of place

I don't believe so. a 4/4 for 5 that gives drawing power is a really strong play in any deck. I actually prefer the combo of this + sense demons more then QA, as you are getting 3 cards, 2 of which are low cost and can be played same turn.

Overall the deck is solid, though I think MrBitter's attempt at a possible midgame snowball is offbase. Stick to the root of the deck and build for an easy transition into lategame. This is the decklist I run after the modifications:

2x Corruption
2x Void Walker
2x Shield Bearer

1x Acidic Slime
2x Demonfire

2x Sense Demon
2x Shadow Bolt
1x Emperor Cobra

2x Spellbreaker
2x Hellfire

2x Abomination
2x Gadgetztan Auctioneer

2x Siphon Soul
2x Twisting Nether

1x Alexstraza
1x Jaraxxus

2x Molten Giant

Credit goes to MrBitter for the original decklist.

any updates on warlock control?

you mentioned that you changed cobra for argus, but you run only 1 cobra(and put 2x argus). so you drop slime then?
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No infernals. You have lost all credibility :P
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Updated the original post with my current deck list. Glad so many of you are enjoying this type of deck. Good luck out there, people - see you all in Masters3!
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Yeah, I'm not nearly lucky enough to have the rares needed to complete this deck... Shame, I'm really struggling.
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