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Hey guys, first off warriors seem to be my fav class at the moment (playing like 6 hours) and i thought i would make a thread where we can discuss what strats we use ! :D

Here is why i like to do so after experimenting a few games :
I like to go extremely defensive early until about 5-6 mana where i start to flip hard on the offensive side, i have a few cards that use 1-2 mana that have taunt who i use as basically ponds until the game progresses. I always Armor Up! until the 5-6 mana point. I stacked my deck with lots of 0-2 mana cost cards such as execute, whirlwind, cleave, etc to make sure i can be competitive at the start while taking as little damage as possible.

All of my minion cards have either battlecry ability charge or taunt, (mostly battlecry) so i can make my guys as beastly as possible (still stacking armor if possible) "warsong commander" seems to be a must, allys having charge !? OP

i don't really know what else to say i haven't though this through LOL share your tactics and experiences!
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Just want to say I don't have a beta invite yet but have been keeping track of the game and am experienced TCG player in real life.

With warriors I feel there are two routes to go. Route A is aggressive. Warriors have a lot of beef up ally cards and can make use of the enrage mechanic more than any other class since the beef up cards usually do a dmg. When I say beef up cards I'm talking about inner rage and rampage. With cheap costed removal like cleave, you can clear the way for your huge allies. Raging worgen, amani berserker and grom hellscream are good enrage cards. Have a heroic strikes and mortal strikes in your deck as finishers as well as charge minions. If your opponent wants to race, armor up will make sure you come out on top.

The second route to play warrior is the control route. Warriors have access to lots of cheap early game removal, a pseudo-board wipe, weapons and lots and lots of armor. This strategy is pretty simple. Load up on defensive cards that let you draw more cards or removal. Cards with battlecry that do dmg are great. Then have 5 or so "finisher cards". Finisher cards are cards that if left alone will simply win you the game on their own. Good examples of this are ragnaros and grom hellscream.

Hope this helped
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Offense is your best defense. Set up burst and manage your opponents damage output and you will win.
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08/19/2013 09:38 AMPosted by Otiveht
Offense is your best defense. Set up burst and manage your opponents damage output and you will win.

This. If you attempt to turtle you WILL be pounded into dust.
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I love the combo-y-ness of warriors too. I've done 12 damage on turn 3 in arena thanks to it. Raging Worgen -> Inner Rage -> Charge

Other random things, none of which are super secret or pro, but are just fun:

- Slam on your own minions to trigger Enrage + draw

- Damage ALL minion AOEs are amazing: Whirlwind, Pyromancer, Abomination, not so much Geddon

- Use enrage minions to discourage enemy using anything but strong AOEs

- Pirates
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